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Life is in motion; the paths and trails are many

They rise and fall with turns and twists nothing is at rest

In multitudes of comings and goings, toing and froing

I chose many, many I left

Some disappeared in alleyways, some in endless directions

Those I left disappeared into the horizon

Many trodden on those I left, never followed them

What I chose we all have stories to tell about

We wonder sometimes why we do what we do

Is it inspiration or fate or divine decree?

I chose what I did

It was Allah’s will my efforts were minuscule

Tried I did but never I was fretful

Believed in my destiny and there were many divine interventions

Never I was dispirited

What I chose; some I got some I did not

My life has been tested with reversals and downturns

But I never reasoned why?

Sometimes in wonderment, I did believe in inner tranquil

We go into the past to remember

But why should I do that, who can change the past

It will never change

The path I chose was the best

Some will never be there

Never we must be penitent

The Past is past for eternity it will never change

Tahir, you went places you left your mark in so many ways

Future will surely tell why I believed in future

9 July 2017



A Poem – Birthday Gift to Me

16 March 2005

We are habitants of hope and You beholder of its fulfillment
We are confidants of constitution and You its solemn pillar
We are a crowd of millions in embittered rows and You vowing thousand services for its security
We scorn at neighbours from cities to suburbs and You serve them all on country outskirts
We are guests dining parties and You fighting to host the pledge of your compassion’s
We are conceited money making teams and You a league bereft by the very currency of it
We jeer in subjects of jested foolishness and You the tower on guard with regard for justice
We are destitutes of our daily civic duties and You destined to an unexpected breach of life
We pastor in our ill perceptions and limited peripherals of sights while You saviour us on zenith of bloody battles
We are objects of laughter gathered around fountains while You a forgotten group on the tenuous rifts of mountains
We are scattered visitors and tossing tulips on friends for favours and You a promised unified protector of fellowship
We are a Standard of scrounge in the Bank of our deceptions and You save us from the feuds of enemy emancipations
We are reckless in publicity of our superficial reputations and You for simplicity in the lines of enemy slaughters
We yawn in chors and dance on songs in our sensations of youth while You hasten youth in the hazards of servitudes
We isolate ourselves with instincts of rich and poor but You dare to save us both in the eye of fury and danger
We value mode of our fabrics and means to travel while You bear the range of average school fee in modest stakes and limitations
We foster to gain rupees by the ironies of wealth and You the residual of war in the shelter of bullets and bombs
We tire our evenings choosing ways to color the sense in our clothes and You speed years in the stiff crease of uniform

You are my sterling Warriors and Pride of Pakistan.

A Poem one and Wishes a many, Happy Birthday!




28 April, 2005

One that ruins us.
It has built us and we divided some.
Sometimes it did aspire us.
Saddens us by a happiness stolen from us.
It seeks something that eyes cannot see.
Blind us from what we have.
Struggle we hard for which is better and forget one that preceded us.
For our fate is a little unknown to us but still destined by just that word and description of itself.
We believe in it and take refuge underneath our fate.
It pleases us no more to know our fate, perfect it’s state, bitter it is then if known to us.
Elusive it is and allude must you not before something more could be said about fate.
For it can never change itself when it is done or a fate that await us ahead.
Our fate is then nothing but fully done every time.
Complete by a fate in our belief of it and most fateful when believed.
Fate of Being.
Man of Fate.
Fate of himself and that of his fate unknown.
Change you cannot the remembrance of it and by a fate to remember again.
Follow the understanding of fate and which fails to understand make our fate know us differently every time.
Know we must our fate when done and undo none when so unknown is that fate.
Concealed is our fate and reveal it does if felt and deceives us again our knowing about fate.
Fortune is fate too by sense a poor in that fate good and poor it is when please it cannot a poor fate.
Contend we may with our fate yet fail we do in our fate of conviction.
Aware it becomes fate of our past and succeed do we not for that fate of future.
Concede if you cannot and blame be that fate for misgivings bestowed upon our fate.
Part fair or perchance is our fate by a faith which we do not have for that fate.
We have all fate to give everyone and any thing that gives some fate again.
Fate moves us ahead where it might be a better fate for us.
Our chances are but fulfilment for a fate and future.
A fate it is by chance of our own and that given to somebody by us.
Fate that grows on us and a future which await our fate.
Patient we become in our fate, careful it is when reminded of and relied we have on fate.
Assured that we are of fate and secure when it is favoured most.
Forget we must not when it is found and understanding be that fate only.
Understood we did some of fate and advance our fate further by understanding of it.
Then our fate is fine and beautiful which that fate finds or evades us by our fate too.
For that deserve fate which has something full and fine for us. So a being of fate is well where he finds fate and a little faith for his fate that is somewhere lost.
And him who loses fate for himself is by fate too and so is his fate.
Believe we should to recover loss of fate and tell those who lost some.
For then fate sees no more from what one can or a fate that sees someone.
Fate that can change by a thought or sight it has for itself.
Thoughts there be many and a fate some.
Some of it is also fate of my own.
I have shared some with others and seldom remembered it all.
We all have fate to lead us.

I am Still Young (English Translation)

One of famous poem by Abu-Al-Asar Hafeez Jalandhari Pakistani writer, poet and, above all, writer of the National Anthem of Pakistan. He was born in Jalandhar, Punjab, British India on January 14, 1900.