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A very dear friend of mine Dr. Afridi who resides in USA and used to come to Kohat where he came to live in his native village Babri Banda. While in Pakistan he was a regular visitor to the Dhoda Golf Club in Kohat. This was when I was stationed at Kohat. We played golf regularly, an ardent golfer and a gentleman he is. Since those days we are connected via email exchanging mails. He visited my Blog a few days back and suggested that I should rename my Blog which I named MINDLESS to change it to MINDFULNESS! Why I named it mindless is for discussion for another day. I respect Doctor Sahib and agreed with him and as I approved his comment I also immediately changed the title to MINDFULNESS. So much, for the power of reasoning and perception. We all have our minds, which at one point or the other sways me like a pendulum. And when you have a pen in your hand so much can happen. As I said earlier in my Blog let it go. I like what another friend Khushnood Lashari Sahib also commented – “Excellent. As Wordsworth said, “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” So today again while I was thinking about abstract painting I was submerged once again in deep thoughts. I texted few lines to two of my very dear friends and decided that to be the start point of my next Blog which I have named DRIBBLING WITH RUMINATIONS. So here it is.




It all started when on the behest of my neighbour General Abid who requested me to make for him a couple of abstract paintings for his living room. I have never painted one so far. So I took up the challenge. He gave me a couple of photos to paint. As I sat and saw those two pictures I did not want to copy them. I started thinking and for last two days, I saw how these and so many more abstracts were painted. The more I studied them, the more I got immersed and was spellbound by the rapturous eloquence and acceleration of colours which artists had created. I always thought abstract was an easy thing to make. Not now definitely. I know I can transfer to a large extent what I am thinking about the configuration and structure of the final form and what I want to create. But I am a bit apprehensive and yet to start painting. There is uneasiness and cloudiness in my mind as to how and what would be the final shape of the art and its colour combinations, which bears the resemblance to what is in my mind. The abstractness of the art seems so extreme and mere thought of non-representational form has filled me with uncontrollable lust and passion of leaving the pen and picking up the brush. It is like sexual attraction with both forms of an exhibition; of the pen as well as the brush. In one which is not visible, it can only be read and the other may not be describable to the last detail but can only be seen. Within the splash of colours there lays the image in my mind; imperfect yet by no means incomplete. There is uneasiness within my own self. There is this palpitation of heart and a tensed feeling of how my first abstract painting will actually come out to be. It is like the first kiss and not actually the first. An unseen tremble and shake of the leaf. Dribbling with ruminations has raised its sails. There is a gust and surge of the wind, which has filled the sails, which is in front of me in the form of a canvas. Flat, plain showing no upheaval so far. Waiting to be electrified and illuminated. The rudder is in my control. The direction will be set and rest with the combination of colours and more colours until my eyes know what I am looking at to be perfect to give away at the vehemence of my thoughts. The trajectory and orientation will be the memento for future evolutions. I am not a student of art, and I cannot express the art of expressionism. I have not read or studied art any time in my life. I just pick my brush like I do my pen and start transferring the strands of my thoughts. I have self-trained myself. I am far away from being anywhere near to being an artist. But what pleases me the most is what I paint. I do not follow the rules and sequence of painting, but I do gradually, in the end, reach there. Sabir Nazar a friend and an inspiration once remarked on my painting that I did a good job on a lighthouse I painted and put on Facebook. When I told him that I needed guidance from a trained painter, he strictly forbade me and said something, which has stuck in my mind since then. He said whatever you do, good or bad is your work and your prized possessions, you need not take any lessons but prepare yourself with practice. That day was the beginning of my unending trail of all kinds of paintings. My bent of mind is fixated in the colour of planets and stars, big and small and collision of meteors and the debris of these in deep outer space leaving a dust forming patterns and kaleidoscope of colours, which are beyond my comprehension. Thanks to the continual and uninterrupted voyage of science into cosmos, which has barely, touched the edge of the fringes of deep dark space so far that we have begun to know what lies out there so far. The single most facet which drives me to paint is to get into this puzzle of nature and let my head spin to visualise the light of thousands of years reaching us in our minuscule planet earth. We are in present time yet also thousands of light years into the past which is present now in 2016.








BACKGROUND to this post. I used to contribute to a website squidoo.com. But then Squidoo people decided to close down and asked me to transfer all my stories to Hub Pages. Sadly, I was not able to transfer all of them. This was a blow as I lost all of them. I was also not prepared to write them all over. I could not be in the same mood and spirit. The choice of words and the thought process could not be recreated . The post below is a cut and paste and hence, the reader would note that I have not changed either the tense or the format.

Words of Wisdom

Knowledge and Wisdom

Woody Allen, actor, and director confessed that he was thrown out of New York University for cheating on meta-physics examination. He said he was caught cheating for looking into the soul of the guy sitting beside him. He said that this was a joke he made. The treatise I am going to share with you today is not a joke. It is a fairly large written material written by my son who was bipolar and his story I have already shared on Squidoo and if read in conjunction with that will give this reading a special meaning and understanding. Read Here. The words which swirled out of Moody’s mind was at the time when he was passing through a highly elevated bipolar condition. Bipolar’s also fell in love, and when they have a fierce and passionate ability to express themselves, you will be able to see clear reflections of pearls of wisdom which flow in their writings of the subject matter. When I was studying in high school a long time ago as part of out English literature curriculum we studied E.M. Forster’s novel ” Where Angels Fear to Tread.” It is about falling in love. This novel has been named from a proverb by Alexander Pope an English Poet and it was ” Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.” The context of my lens has a bearing to this quotation. It is said that wise men do not fall in love. It is also well known that this phrase has been used many times by different scholars, writers and critics. However, in my lens, this connection may not be excessively visible in those exact words of the quote, nor I think was my son Moody making any connection when he wrote it. I am with the benefit of hindsight as well as being his father find it convenient to do so. I am not saying he was a fool. When this quote was coined fool was not considered a derogatory word as it is now. For the benefit of those who may not have read the poem I would only quote last six verses of the poem by Alexander Pope to put it in the right perspective: Name a play and he’s the Poets Friend, Nay sow’d his faults – but when would poets mend? No place so Sacred from such Fops is barr’d, Nor is Paul’s church more safe than Paul’s Church-yard; Nay fly to Altars; there they talk you dead; For fools rush in where Angels fear to tread. The following 3 modules I will share Moody’s take on Wisdom and how he felt troubled in the following module. Gives a clear view of what was going on in his mind; a bipolar mind. Please bear with the length of both I would benefit from a maximum permissible limit of the modules.


Meaning of Wisdom by a Bipolar Mind


My son MOODY’s favourite word was Wisdom and I will quote it here before you start reading his thoughts. These words are also inscribed on his Grave Stone in his eternal resting place

“Wisdom is my most favourite word and to spend life seeking reverence for it is of loss none but being lost to a life most sublime. It is mostly overgrowing troubled tooth for all human beings ever since, but, surfaced only in the best philosophical mind”


A profound word to find but attire is full description

Speak it softly so others may understand and if audience is not audible then know that you have some wisdom to find in yourself before being misunderstood without full wise consideration

It has no similar meaning to be understood but is all meaning within to spring right from the man he who must speak only his inside

You will not hear ever wisdom be spoken in your manner till you have heard all that is meant to have said

There is immense irony about being able to see it wisely and if explanation is not laconic then wisdom has not rendered anything

Wisdom has part what distinguishes man and whole that made him distinct but to avail are both must still not be dismayed

If you wish to feel wisdom entirely then life is not as easy because a lot went comfortably till came wisdom and shouldered your entire burden

It will sleep like an atom residing for centuries in the nucleus of man’s one small blood cell but fires only for some when time is right but to remain forever awakened

You cannot live its form to be sensible because wisdom knows how to empower itself to relive your life wisely and once you have seen how wise visualizes a way then astray cannot your foresight from it

For if you see what others cannot say then must speak it but surrender not credit to have reflected wisely of someone

You cannot pluck the fossil of wisdom from mind and resilience is to drown in more trouble till you reconcile to accept that it exists with extreme resistance

Wisdom then is meaning that man makes and gives all meaning to further his endeavors to wise ends

It includes everything with no vice for men, spoken without hesitation and, said to everyone

Seeing clear is one step to climb its stair and to share its pinnacle is man wise dissipating heightened wisdom again

If there is no wisdom then life is without avail and achievement is wisdom not worthy and meaningful when use is least in this world or if there is life next

Wisdom then elongates the expanse of circle to inclusion but bother none if effects remain invisible since you pass it wisely without withholding to the carried lesson because wisdom needs love only your observation

If your attempt is to manifold wisdom then argument your discussion without care of well-deserved reputation, count not what has wisdom recollected but time you have spared to think over it and then take account of what you were negligent than to have been thoughtful

Wisdom is light, of all truth but it takes no flame from it because wise in itself is the enkindled truth. You might differ truth to have felt it bitterly but if you had it your way then wisdom knocks not the door of opinion with that you differ wisely

You can say the unseen by seeing the difference in existence of something and when you have succeeded the seeming complexity then you have wisely dealt the simple, knowable, favors outcome from all available and when seen wisely the hidden is bound to unveil your wise appearance

Wisdom is then age to have reasoned what has bygone before you and to see what must be done and that must mean only in time to come

The eye begins seeing the wise among things and reason start to probe grounds to gain favor and give further wisdom

Does wisdom then not proceed one more time after reasoned its reason wisely?

Wisdom is to emerge over learnt possibilities and head forward by becoming learned and discern all acquired answers like does the unlearned

The wise must need passion to put efforts for plentiful wisdom because passion is putting life to test for wisdom.

Life is not tumult to seek importance for wisdom because a life rested is time wasted without given any good to anything wisely

Be wise to act with anticipation such as if your act is none other but only to have performed without emotive acts and to choose what renders not damage but is the best only available choice

And thereon to cherish every act wisely and worrying not the sum existing beyond its source

Say what speaks sensory but hear everything that is seemingly wise so that if wisdom is there then it should flow by passage as words its way

Wisdom is not to imagine the best of words but to cease loose time not to have lettered wisely

Wisdom is dialectic with no numbered multiples but has discoursed men from time since Socrates

If you think wisdom need no explanation then wait just a few, more seconds

Wisdom is unlike repented over anything but more like what you live up to own

And then if you are a man hospitable then treat not wisdom as guest over for a while but as if you waited for ages impatiently to give away your sole entitlement to it

But it is importance, which is not envied but brightness that becharms even who is blinded of knowing wisdom

If you ever find yourself amid moments to figure out the wisest way then know if when there is no option there subsists this way to figure wisely another one

Then wisdom is existence of what is concealed right before you and steals your attention when you did not care much to take care of it

But care is not the person wise because worrying deprives initiative of one to acknowledge having thought of wisdom

It is lesson indeed tough but so is life since unaware is man what to expect next

And what to expect from expectation when wisdom is sufficiency in being content within yourself

It is not seeing the satisfactory when self-satisfied but to seek the stimuli external to us

Wisdom is to think of course in possibilities but reducing fullness from probable

More wisdom then gets carried away and to stress rapidly is not the necessary advance to it

Then patience is more thorough pursuing wisdom because it has more thoroughness to seek resources To speak thoughtfully but only after given thorough thoughts over it

Wisdom is all full passage saying whatever without the need to say it and what of need if wisdom is not all aim within

Then wisdom is always less because it says too much for itself and takes a while to understand

When contribution is suggestive then desired is wisdom in conscience for the sake only to understand

So if you think that wisdom is the thing stated simple then you have reduced its precision because it is just when you thought the difference between fact unstated that wisdom was drawn upon a bigger statement because difference among things is finding wise facts but also deliberating their varied effects

Wisdom is to symbolize every stationed matter but without waving from your signified position Wisdom is pain devoid and wantonness taken but to see signifying the relative fragments

Wisdom is to change in a causal chain for chances undertaken and to have brought about improved changes

It is traveling farthest for conclusions but knowing how further is the unknown in things

So wisdom is seeking logic of facts but dealing raw to refine its matter but redefined repetitively

Usage subsists none use unless wisdom is the ideal produced by dealing unconditionally every condition wisely dealt

Wisdom is my most favorite word and to spend life seeking reverence for it is of loss none but being lost to a life most sublime

It is mostly overgrowing troubled tooth for all human beings ever since, but, surfaced only in the best philosophical mind

The Middle East is renowned for being home to mesmerizing kaleidoscopic beauty, and this is no less true in Iran. The roofs of the country’s mosques are incredibly intricate, and Instagram  photographer, m1rasoulifard, takes you on a mesmerizing journey through some of Iran’s most beautiful architectural detailing. Take a look at these stunning photos:




‘Sher Ali Photography’  and the Facebook Page ‘The Silent Traveller’ is owned by SHER ALI SAAFI. A Software Engineer who has discovered finally his new found love after realizing that sitting in front of a computer is not what he will do forever. He decided to embark on travels and share his valuable and interesting experiences with the readers through his pages. His passion is landscape photography which he has combined with his interest in travelling far and wide capturing some beautiful and unseen landscapes with panoramic breathtaking views. His adventure and love for what he was aiming eventually to achieve not far from his home started from his trips to Margalla Hills which overlook Islamabad. It was for him a perfect setting  to raise the bar of photography. The travels he made had joined his passion of photography. The synchronisation of his love of both interests produced  hundreds of beautiful pictures which we can now access through his Blog and Facebook Page. The pictures posted below is a testimony to his work as well as my way saying THANK YOU SHER ALI SAAFI. Enjoy. .

Isb 8

Romantic atmosphere at Margalla road / Photo: Sher Ali Photography

Isb 12

Beautiful view of Islamabad after sunrise / Photo: Sher Ali Photography

Isb 9

Margalla road view after rain / Photo: Sher Ali Photography

Isb 2

View Towards Faizabad interchange from Zero point, Islamabad after rain / Photo: Sher Ali Photography

Isb 5

View of Islamabad from Loh-e-Dandi top / Photo: Sher Ali Photography

Isb 1

Beautiful view of Islamabad after sunrise / Photo: Sher Ali Photography

Isb 4

View towards Shah Faisal Mosque from Zero point after rain / Photo: Sher Ali Photography

Isb 3

Witnessing the sunrise from Margalla hills / Photo: Sher Ali Photography

Isb 7

Gorgeous sunrise view from Margalla hills / Photo: Sher Ali Photography

Isb 10

Last sunset of 2015 at Shah Faisal Mosque / Photo: Sher Ali Photography

Isb 11

Full moon over Pakistan monument / Photo: Sher Ali Photography

Isb 6

Stunning sunset view from Pakistan monument / Photo: Sher Ali Photography



Kal Gajoum’s art is breathtaking, to say the least. Born in Tripoli in 1968, Gajoum’s interest in art sparked at a very early age, entering his first art competition at the very young age of 10. He held his first exhibition in 1983 in Tripoli. As you are about to see in this post, his paintings are truly mesmerizing and magnificent.










2016-07-14 Paint Wave Sold2016-07-16 22.47.522016-07-16 Paint Gen Abid2016-07-18 Paint Gen Abid2016-07-24 Paint Fallen leaves on Road2016-09-03 13.11.072017-05-13 18.10.222017-05-20 18.41.01

PASTEL and Pencil Claude Monet












3 Planets

PAINT Running Brown HorsePAINT CLAUDE MONET Zaan at ZandamPAINT - SUPERNOVAAll leaves


PAINT Brown Horse copy

The BLACK HORSEPAINT black horse copyHORSE 1p9p2






















Pensketch 2

2015-09-08 18.00.182015-09-08 17.07.432015-04-26 12.47.08P 5 P 6 P1 P2 P3 P4 P7 P8 P9 P10 P11 P12


The stunning Nasir al-mulk Mosque hides a gorgeous secret between the walls of its fairly traditional exterior: stepping inside is like walking into a kaleidoscope of colors. Every day, the rays of the early morning sun shine through colorful stained-glass windows, transforming the halls into a dazzling wonderland of rich hues, patterns, and light that play on the floor of the mosque.

In addition to the glorious display of light and color through the stained glass, the mosque features other striking elements of design and architecture, including intricate geometric tile designs, painted arches and niches, and spectacular domes. The usage of beautiful rose-colored tiles in the interior design earned the mosque the nickname Pink Mosque in popular culture.

The mosque, located in Shiraz, Iran, was built from 1876 to 1888 by the order of one of the Qajar Dynasty lords. The beautiful structure was designed by Muhammad Hasan-e-Memar and Muhammad Reza Kashi Paz-e-Shirazi. (Credit: posted by Jenny Zhang)

Colours of Nasir-ul-Mulk Mosque
Colours of Nasir-ul-Mulk Mosque

NASR-UL-MULK Mosque by Abbas Arabzadeh

NASR-UL-MULK Mosque by Amin Abedini 1

NASR-UL-MULK Mosque by Amin Abedini 2

NASR-UL-MULK Mosque by Amin Abedini

NASR-UL-MULK Mosque by Dav Wong

NASR-UL-MULK Mosque by lucie Debelkova

NASR-UL-MULK Mosque by MARCO Atonini

NASR-UL-MULK Mosque by Marinela T.Gondii

NASR-UL-MULK Mosque by my 2200

NASR-UL-MULK Mosque by my2200 a

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque

IMAGE CREDITS to:Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji, my2200, Dav Wong, Amin Abedini, Abbas Arabzadeh, Omid Jafarnezhad, Marinela T. Gondii, Lucie Debelkova

3D Paintings of JUSTIN GEFFREY

Van Gogh Inspiration

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 2

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 3

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 4

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 5

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 6

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 7

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 8

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 9

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 10

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 11

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 12

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 13

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 14

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 15

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 16

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 17

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 18

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 19

Volumetric Painting from Justin Geffrey 20


Credit: Unknown

Liquid Motion 1

Liquid Motion 2

Liquid Motion 3

Liquid Motion 4

Liquid Motion 5

Liquid Motion 6

Liquid Motion 7

Liquid Motion 8

Liquid Motion 9

Liquid Motion 10

Liquid Motion 11

Liquid Motion 12

Liquid Motion 13

Liquid Motion 14