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Moody my Son wrote 22 Poems. They are scattered all over the net in different sites. This exercise is to put all of them under this category. Please feel free to share, comment and like.

Swing! – Poem on Golf



It is myth that unfolds width figuratively
composition of angles poised as geometry
And if comprehension is the quest in struggle
mechanics take many years of feel to overcome

It is to attune yourself by addressing four basics
gain control by repetitive strength and technique
And if apparels and clubs suit your style
flags will not have balls on green sides

It is assimilating every finger for grip soft and fix
stand tall yet feet square from shoulder to hips
And when stance has set you aim straight
ball is bound to knock that flagstick

It is take away by strength of left arm and wrist straight
maintaining circle steady on swing plane
And when sight finds the shoulder behind ball and eye
weight must start slide towards left side

It is journey back but on swing plane same
pull triceps for lag in given time frame
And when moment of truth meets your swing state
whip that club past impact place

It is strength of arms subtle yet empowers big in hips
rotates rapidly but with lower body quietly
And when club head speed is every divots prerogative
distance and accuracy are every swing’s package

It is temperament of Els yet challenge like Tiger
swinging irons like Golden Bear
And when concentration results on scorecard
plan birdies but save every par

It is containing force inside triangles and torso
obliging to self-integrity and game rules
And when discipline is your very own mentor
nerves will roll putts by feel straighter

It is searching peace for fairways and overcoming rough
seek focus in presence of target and turf
And when emotional intelligence arrives at impact zone
establish contact as if you were a born PGA Pro

16 Nov 2005




DANKE by Moody


Very few people know that Moody did his Diploma in The Russian Language from St. Petersberg University. Later completed his Masters in Business Administration. While in Lahore in 2003 developed a voracious appetite for reading books. His favourite author was Bertrand Russell he read most of his books. Never read fiction. in 2005 got admission in Australian National University to do Masters in Accounting. A study he could not complete because of his illness. It was down hill from then on. In another Post, I will give name of books which were  his teasured collections. For him, I became a member for Barnes and Noble. Earlier while in Lahore he started learning The German Language and achieved Level 3 proficiency with complete self-study.

He wrote Danke.


Ich schriebe und denke mit eines Wort
Das Wort kommt von buchstabe fünf
Bedeutung und verstehen noch etwas ein
Gibt es vielen für alles
Das Gedicht mit den größen dank
Immer schön das Leben eins

I write and think with word one
The word comes from letters five
meaning and understanding still somewhat one
giving a whole lot more for everyone
A poem with the biggest Thank
always beautifully in life once

bis bald / till later



IN A MILIEU by Moody


In a milieu of noughts perched on a leap of loan

Buried under a seizure of murmuring tenure

Bicker domains caught in a vale of counterfeits

Stuck in savvy alleys of a stale Park

Lost by a tongue and a tumultuous past

Smothered in the rectitude of pitch silence

Gauged in wastes of paper and monetary matters

All that echoes is not silence brother!

Many have suffered in devoured vows till the 12th of time

Many have hatred with voluminous enmity in them

There are lighter heights on the verge of space…

There are steeper paths in depths of affection…

There are frontiers beyond the latitude of knowledge…

There is more friction in the weights and molecules of a fractured soul…

A moment that torments itself and those we seek in the underworlds?

Fights with your insights and kindle the flame of fortitude with your prodigious perceptions

Levi ate and lure in lucid leaves of autumn to an Island off course

We are far apart in our hearts like a broken glass

It cuts deep but shines wide like diam

It keeps us alive to settle the agony of our sentiments

Give thy soul purpose and search in this xenophobic circus

We are Amirs and Karim euer Ancestors

Sense! So subtle when twined with intellect in a sentence

Imagination! A gem and jewel of such magic clots of fascinations

Resonate your flute of reason with fractions and fruits of Words

Words! Are they not a fireball of fury and fortune?

Is it not joyful oh that juvenile Gibran?

Just few lines of faith with Will

Just few dots of demise in shades of Pink

Euer – Deutsch word means ‘your’

Note: Amir was name of his great great great grandfather

And Karim was grandfather

An Eve of Poultry and Profusion!

A EVE of Poultry

Relishing the ritual appetites of kith and kin

The vistas of tiding talk on table

A muse to muddle in gales of laughter

cuddling and curving the furrows of confusion

To hum in haven of multitudes

To virtue the views of time and transcendent

In the extravagant and Atayliana

Reeling remnants on road of Alam

To ounce and pound the chick of Tuscans

In the glistening lights of hub and hotel

An ode to jaw and jibe

For just the jubilant and joyful. A Father!

God be wi’ you Sir!

Your Loving Son


13 Jan 2015


Reason !It is art of question but subjective in essence
induct each inconvenience reducing attributes of object
deduct all conveniences but induce objects of credit
When answers reach limit of discussion
Reason will remain no longer a concussion

It is purpose of sublime of most sophisticated means
criticize the object of text at speech
object the criticism spoken in text
When synthesis meet state of exhaustion
Reason will appear withal transparent

It is essayist of dialect but solution by course indirect
measure the source by optimum suggestions
outsource options by suggestive measurements
When essay arrives on crossroad of conclusion
Reason need no further consideration

It is variable of strategy but to place substance exponentially
calculate risks on probing possible outcomes
proceed merits on outstanding multiple grounds
When viable options arrive on stage of indifference
Reason require no further assessment

It is reckoned yet to recommend beyond its belief
gain control on gravity yet employ further from necessary
necessitate its ordeal beyond ordinary of circumstance
When beliefs become less ambiguous
Reason has benefited indolence

It is pulse of message and whilst not understood to comprehend
truncate the universal from immense of particulars
arrange infinites to convey the absolute
When whole finds the finesse of argument
Reason transform from man to betterment


12 September 2005