The Only Letter to My Three Sons – 28 Sep 2006

My Dearest Moody Ali and Bilal

For quite sometime now I wanted to write to all of you a single letter. I do not know why I am feeling today I must do that. I have no reason doing this but sometimes your heart tells you things which your head fails to reason.

I have lived a life time in the Army. God has given me everything. His timings have been perfect and I have no complaints absolutely. I am here in Monrovia for at least additional one and half year from my original one year tour. Did I know this will come– NO I could not even dream of this . Allah’s timings in my case have always been perfect. I guess you and Ali had to study abroad and Bilal Inshallah you do not worry you will also Insha Allah go to a very good institution. You all must continue to crystallise your goals and objectives. You all must have goals in life and strive to achieve them. there is nothing in Life that you cannot accomplish if you have sincerity of purpose. Moody and Ali you have reached an age where you should see things absolutely clearly. It is an age which should bring Calm and a wiser direction in life. Its time for you all to seriously set goals. I have provided you all options which you have accepted. If these have been accepted by you than this can only be a good option if it leads to more options and moves you forward. Your direction must provide you with inspirations and energy otherwise all will go waste. Your purpose in life should have a gift for humanity. That is what I will see you all to aspire. getting jobs cannot be a goal, but only a stepping stone.remember you all are in a strange and exciting times of your lives. I have provided you choices and in abundance you should grab them. I would love all of you to fight and earn your way through. My assets will not last forever. I even do not know if they will last to see me and your mother through. It has been a struggle and I would like you all to note that. Struggles do not necessarily show itself by what you wear and eat. What you do not have. It is a life and principles you want to achieve and set for yourself. I need you all to sit and ponder what ALLAH has provided you thus far make the best out of it.
I was talking to my colleague and asking him to tell me how to write my CV. I have never written one in my life. There will be a time soon when I will shedding my uniform and that is Inshaallah 16 March 08. If I am alive than Inshallah this is a day I look forward to. I have not wondered, AS YET, what will be my life like after that. I am not still in that state of mind yet.
I am now beginning to know what were my shortcomings in bringing you all up. Now that you have grown and growing still I thought I should have taught you to value TIME. Set strong principles in your life and stick to them at all times. I have been all the time telling you to study. That is your job and mine was to have and develop passions in your life and forge you to achieve them. I have found children in Pakistan are extremely myopic in setting their goals. One thing Which is now my desire is you should share your struggle and what all goes with it with your own self. Here whenever I have told people that I got cars for you they were completely surprised and flabbergasted. I think they have done it. I have seen girls and men here who are working to get their loans paid. You should all be in a frame like that, which then brings you an urge and “ZID” to do much more than you think you can.
I am sure that I will be indulging in more such letters as and when I feel I must write. You are three brothers and you must have great friendship with each other. Share you happy and sad moments. Write Journals which should not be a narration of days events but how you see things in life. How you see things not to be. and I can go on and on.

I end now without reason.

I love you all and hope that I will see a response of what you feel sooner or later. I hope i will know sooner than later what are your ambitions. How you see your life ahead. do not hold back feel free to write anything which you can and have in mind. Feel free and in the end I will only say OPEN YOUR MIND and see how things develop.

Your most loving father AGHA


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