A Poem – Birthday Gift to Me

16 March 2005

We are habitants of hope and You beholder of its fulfillment
We are confidants of constitution and You its solemn pillar
We are a crowd of millions in embittered rows and You vowing thousand services for its security
We scorn at neighbours from cities to suburbs and You serve them all on country outskirts
We are guests dining parties and You fighting to host the pledge of your compassion’s
We are conceited money making teams and You a league bereft by the very currency of it
We jeer in subjects of jested foolishness and You the tower on guard with regard for justice
We are destitutes of our daily civic duties and You destined to an unexpected breach of life
We pastor in our ill perceptions and limited peripherals of sights while You saviour us on zenith of bloody battles
We are objects of laughter gathered around fountains while You a forgotten group on the tenuous rifts of mountains
We are scattered visitors and tossing tulips on friends for favours and You a promised unified protector of fellowship
We are a Standard of scrounge in the Bank of our deceptions and You save us from the feuds of enemy emancipations
We are reckless in publicity of our superficial reputations and You for simplicity in the lines of enemy slaughters
We yawn in chors and dance on songs in our sensations of youth while You hasten youth in the hazards of servitudes
We isolate ourselves with instincts of rich and poor but You dare to save us both in the eye of fury and danger
We value mode of our fabrics and means to travel while You bear the range of average school fee in modest stakes and limitations
We foster to gain rupees by the ironies of wealth and You the residual of war in the shelter of bullets and bombs
We tire our evenings choosing ways to color the sense in our clothes and You speed years in the stiff crease of uniform

You are my sterling Warriors and Pride of Pakistan.

A Poem one and Wishes a many, Happy Birthday!


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