My dearest Agha,

In the last six months or so I had attempted to write about TIME and was not able to after having tried 3 or 4 times. Could not even barely write a single line but today I flew on the wings of Time.

I dedicate this poem on your behest in the loving memory of my Grandfather!

Fly notices not the bug of busyness around a person, Time likes to fly
Thought reasons no action to be thoughtful, Time is stillness of thought
Conscious likes to portray the picture of existence, Time has no conscience
Sense thinks in sensitivity to sentiment itself, Time is farsightedness
Destiny struggles no destitute to succeed itself, Time is destined
Sleep does not drive the drift of daylight, Time is asleep
Power forces no appreciation to empower itself, Time is forcefulness of power
Freedom employs only slavery beyond fight for its liberty, Time is literati
Love recognizes no object or hour but to desire itself, Time loves acknowledgement
Tests resolute not in tearing apart all weaknesses, Time wins every time
Appetite boasts itself to taste and eat, Time is bitter
Happiness gives no promise or pleases happily, Time is plenty
Storms roar to thunder unlimited current of clouds under sky, Time is the limit
Money savors no hope for eternity, Time is thrifty
Seasons are same on this everlasting earth, Times have changed
Friendship makes hatred mellow and befriends its enemy, Time is merciless
Science discovers more orbits around Einstein, Time is divinity
Seconds cannot measure the multiples of feeling in every man’s moment, Time clock hours
Life predicts no certitude to begin nor is end, Time a predicament
Time has no mirror to reflect the vision of its eye, Time is revelation
Time reckons no preference to anyone, Time offers essence
Time is a hard interpretation in the text of metaphysics, Time is meaningful
Creativity has no bound or to reinvent itself, Time takes contemplation
Age has no wisdom but prudence for future, Time is wishful
Men work decades to sustain their remainder days, Time remits nobody
Running swallows life’s burning sorrow, Time is running out
Memory is evidence of the existed man, From Time immemorial, Time!



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