Reason !It is art of question but subjective in essence
induct each inconvenience reducing attributes of object
deduct all conveniences but induce objects of credit
When answers reach limit of discussion
Reason will remain no longer a concussion

It is purpose of sublime of most sophisticated means
criticize the object of text at speech
object the criticism spoken in text
When synthesis meet state of exhaustion
Reason will appear withal transparent

It is essayist of dialect but solution by course indirect
measure the source by optimum suggestions
outsource options by suggestive measurements
When essay arrives on crossroad of conclusion
Reason need no further consideration

It is variable of strategy but to place substance exponentially
calculate risks on probing possible outcomes
proceed merits on outstanding multiple grounds
When viable options arrive on stage of indifference
Reason require no further assessment

It is reckoned yet to recommend beyond its belief
gain control on gravity yet employ further from necessary
necessitate its ordeal beyond ordinary of circumstance
When beliefs become less ambiguous
Reason has benefited indolence

It is pulse of message and whilst not understood to comprehend
truncate the universal from immense of particulars
arrange infinites to convey the absolute
When whole finds the finesse of argument
Reason transform from man to betterment


12 September 2005


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