GIFT – Poem for Bilal on his 16th Birthday 10 Sep 05

Gift !

It is insignificant of appearance yet luck of monumental importance
worth a wealth yet purpose of intangible value
charm is to cheer and relive to cherish it
When fortune finds itself worthy of happiness great
Know that it is your birthday Gift !

It is rethinking past by aspiring yourself to future tests
favoring a moment but compound its aftermath
fitting equators of physics but solving formulas like Alchemist
When labor is effort at science for greatness
Knowledge is your birthday Gift !

It is discipline of routine but relaxing the hour sixteenth
pulling over for pit stops but putting not perpetual full stop
brighten your aesthetic and exercising bit athletics
When sport is reorganizing daily games
Glorious is your birthday Gift !

It is living stark but dreaming aims for realistic stars
clap your hand among audience but outstand as supreme guest
inflating your inner esteem but setting above everyone’s egotism
When honesty is the struggle to sum all good
Life is your birthday Gift !


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