I run to wind my days but the road has no end
I try to make best of my moments but they becoming too many
I crave for love yet loosing offers more learning
I try to make sense out of history and the sight too sore peek outside
I try to hold hours of happiness yet smoke endlessly
I muse me by chords of music but my absolution is poetry
I try to gain knowledge but providence offers extravagance
I write to find better thoughts and my wits squabble slowly
I wake my day in light of dawn and a night lasting no news of a day after
I admire my aims but the awaiting of purpose sometimes unaware
I care to lament my tears but laughter frail to follow any further
I struggle to improve inner self and the enemy is my own making
I host programs on television but plan to guest no where
I tutor my teachings in vortex of books and around curvature of study table
I centre myself within a crowd but inside alienated by isolation
I long for youth but my passive age offers truth
I blink my pupils for evidence and elusiveness still a subtlety in struggle
My echo is my own ear and curtains of chords becoming much clear
I have enjoyed all idols and idolatry in the world has manifold
I wiped the ink of my whiteboard but impression of messages leading my dust of volitions
I took many exams and their excursions now succeeding all my failures
I have hastened my future in streets of my country and my demeanors driving away past and present of its people
I think in abstracts with matter of others but fragrance diffuses my own odor
I exist to stand hand in hand for my destiny with everything destined for my existence
I enjoy the flair to fire my words but heed in fairness among everyone else
I hear my hisses from anything but whisper all to my creator
I pride in every part of myself and improve every ambiguity of my enmity
I am a poet of my people and their praises are pious rhymes at gesture
I seek affinity in the knowledge of learned but service others in every residual of affection
I am now so out of words and await once more for some to appear
I think now my EYE will ever cease to amaze me?
Love Moody


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