They are bare foot yards from compounds, playgrounds and bygone class rooms
They become big in images of parents, ancestors, community and close friends
They are eyes gleaming across parted parental ownerships
They make their families complete by their discussions on dinning tables
They are bed sets in sleeping rooms and ornamented toys in numbers
They are emblazoned shoe tags of cost and company logos
They are infants of unelected votes and parental endeavours
They are steering hands discovering devices and hands of medical help
They are kin of family trees and stars of sport teams
They are martyrs in family portraits and statures of beauty figures of fashion
They are league of labourers and building work forces
They are judges of victimized jails and justice
They are parted provincial sects and areal prides
They are hosts in styles and clothes on television shows
They are obituaries in cemeteries and populating pictures in news paper events
They are fantasies spent for big purchases in better shops
They are friends on phone and wired on internet lines
They are begging on roads and strangling around cars with rusty coins
They are broody moods and pills of poor pasts
They are restitute of grudges departed by rows from relatives
They are acquaintances of inquisitions with pleasing promises
They are levitating hands and harbours of hopes in numerous Masajids
They are appellations of prodigal genes cruising countries for academic excellences
They are enticing life time betwixt files in office and for families
They are metaphors of monetary goods and images grafted on grounded billboards
They are strangers in wedding halls around food and fruits of youth
They are polite diplomats of politic ceremonial speeches
They are engines behind guns and groups of tank tracks
They are advocates of law and advent for avocations in universities
They are bureaucrats of ingratiated demographic desires
They are Mullanas of dogmatic horrors and superstitious sermons
They are ploughers of pastoral lands and crops of villages
They are witnesses seated for cinematic shows
They are sullen sights and living aged lives
They are here since antiquity of time
They are ere civilizations remembered and recorded
They are historical of age and predictor of future predicates
They are tales of blood semblance and strings of religious fellowships at birth
They are cultivators of lands, founded empires and struggling territories
They are harbingers of powers and ploys of devastations
They are in quest for universe and in search of planets
They are learnt rectitude of memorable self unveiling learning for those who unfold them
They are finding facts and truth pounding weight on piles of book shelves
They are roving thoughts becoming data bases and blogs
They are everywhere


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