It is visible but not on earth or in space
inhales freedom by any breadth of desire
breathing by exhaling your every sufficient need
And when circumstances prevail in your consequent air
Let its presence see your formidable stare

It is medium disturbing objects of diversity
carrying sound by distributing through wave
weaving its way by capability of obstacles to move
And when spatiality dissonances the distance in your ear
Know that it is air which you hear

It is not faltered noise or wavers everything
communicating semantics by sonar of white criticism
disseminates text by sense of psychology
For when words have become science of linguistics
Human instinct and management is airs motive

It is geography in thorns of forests and avid bushes
diffused seeds scraping river shores and across desert
greeting new pasture and to blossom on leftover lands
And when nature starts to breed rapidly
remember that air traveled here to feed plenty

It is savage of hurls and strength a hurricane
not a torpedo turning axis from screens of radar
pollution is one cause of metamorphosis from weather to chaos
But when funds have exceeded by unlimited greed
blame not havoc for causing grief

It is an element worth ancient and divine complement
anatomy within a Being and yet living in his located territory
terrorizes innocence and suffers anarchy
But when a divine Being is harmony of air
all mankind will share enough room for air

It is hiatus of soul but with sometime to spare
exhaust not its space or your sane self
fill thoughts in time so it commutes you
but when sentences are set to confuse you
Take a stroll to let that Air fulfill you


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