Wisdom – 13 Apr 06


A profound word to find but attire is full description

Speak it softly so others may understand and if audience is not audible then know that you have some wisdom to find in yourself before being misunderstood without full wise consideration

It has no similar meaning to be understood but is all meaning within to spring right from the man he who must speak only his inside

You will not hear ever wisdom bespoken in your manner till you have heard all that is meant to have said

There is immense irony about being able to see it wisely and if explanation is not laconic then wisdom has not rendered anything

Wisdom has part what distinguishes man and whole that made him distinct but to avail are both must still not be dismayed

If you wish to feel wisdom entirely then life is not as easy because a lot went comfortably till came wisdom and shouldered your entire burden

It will sleep like an atom residing for centuries in the nucleus of man’s one small blood cell but fires only for some when time is right but to remain forever awakened

You cannot live its form to be sensible because wisdom knows how to empower itself to relive your life wisely and once you have seen how wise visualizes a way then astray cannot your foresight from it

For if you see what others cannot say then must speak it but surrender not credit to have reflected wisely of someone

You cannot pluck the fossil of wisdom from mind and resilience is to drown in more trouble till you reconcile to accept that it exists with extreme resistance

Wisdom then is meaning that man makes and gives all meaning to further his endeavors to wise ends

It includes everything with no vice for men, spoken without hesitation and, said to everyone

Seeing clear is one step to climb its stair and to share its pinnacle is man wise dissipating heightened wisdom again

If there is no wisdom then life is without avail and achievement is wisdom not worthy and meaningful when use is least in this world or if there is life next

Wisdom then elongates the expanse of circle to inclusion but bother none if effects remain invisible since you pass it wisely without withholding to the carried lesson because wisdom needs love only your observation

If your attempt is to manifold wisdom then argument your discussion without care of well deserved reputation, count not what has wisdom recollected but time you have spared to think over it and then take account of what you were negligent than to have been thoughtful

Wisdom is light of all truth but it takes no flame from it because wise in itself is the enkindled truth. You might differ truth to have felt it bitterly but if you had it your way then wisdom knocks not the door of opinion with that you differ wisely

You can say the unseen by seeing the difference in existence of something and when you have succeeded the seeming complexity then you have wisely dealt the simple, knowable, favors outcome from all available and when seen wisely the hidden is bound to unveil your wise appearance

Wisdom is then age to have reasoned what has bygone before you and to see what must be done and that must mean only in time to come

The eye begins seeing the wise among things and reason start to probe grounds to gain favor and give further wisdom

Does wisdom then not proceed one more time after reasoned its reason wisely?

Wisdom is to emerge over learnt possibilities and head forward by becoming learned and discern all acquired answers like does the unlearned

The wise must need passion to put efforts for plentiful wisdom because passions is putting life to test for wisdom.

Life is not tumult to seek importance for wisdom because a life rested is time wasted without given any good to anything wisely

Be wise to act with anticipation such as if your act is none other but only to have performed without emotive acts and to choose what renders not damage but is the best only available choice

And thereon to cherish every act wisely and worrying not the sum existing beyond its source

Say what speaks sensory but hear everything that is seemingly wise so that if wisdom is there then it should flow by passage as words its way

Wisdom is not to imagine the best of words but to cease loose time not to have lettered wisely

Wisdom is dialectic with no numbered multiples but has discoursed men from time since Socrates

If you think wisdom need no explanation then wait just few more seconds

Wisdom is unlike repented over anything but more like what you live up to own

And then if you are a man hospitable then treat not wisdom as guest over for a while but as if you waited ages impatiently to give away your sole entitlement to it

But it is importance, which is not envied but brightness that becharms even who is blinded of knowing wisdom

If you ever find yourself amid moments to figure out the wisest way then know if when there is no option there subsists this way to figure wisely another one

Then wisdom is existence of what is concealed right before you and steals your attention when you did not care much to take care of it

But care is not the person wise because worrying deprives initiative of one to acknowledge having thought of wisdom

It is lesson indeed tough but so is life since unaware is man what to expect next

And what to expect from expectation when wisdom is sufficiency in being content within yourself

It is not seeing the satisfactory when self satisfied but to seek the stimuli external to us

Wisdom is to think of course in possibilities but reducing fullness from probable

More wisdom then gets carried away and to stress rapidly is not the necessary advance to it

Then patience is more thorough pursuing wisdom because it has more thoroughness to seek resources To speak thoughtfully but only after given thorough thoughts over it

Wisdom is all full passage saying whatever without the need to say it and what of need if wisdom is not all aim within

Then wisdom is always less because it says too much for itself and takes a while to understand

When contribution is suggestive then desired is wisdom in conscience for the sake only to understand

So if you think that wisdom is the thing stated simple then you have reduced its precision because it is just when you thought the difference between fact unstated that wisdom was drawn upon a bigger statement because difference among things are finding wise facts but also deliberating their varied effects

Wisdom is to symbolize every stationed matter but without waving from your signified position Wisdom is pain devoid and wantonness taken but to see signifying the relative fragments

Wisdom is to change in a causal chain for chances undertaken and to have brought about improved changes

It is traveling farthest for conclusions but knowing how further is the unknown in things

So wisdom is seeking logic of facts but dealing raw to refine its matter but redefined repetitively

Usage subsists none use unless wisdom is the ideal produced by dealing unconditionally every condition wisely dealt

Wisdom is my most favorite word and to spend life seeking reverence for it is of loss none but being lost to a life most sublime

It is mostly overgrowing troubled tooth for all human beings ever since, but, surfaced only in the best philosophical mind

Once again I am troubled after reflecting over two pages of wisdom

At first felt to have wisely said of wisdom with the best of words

But came my second thoughts to think of better reasons to prose over it

I found few acceptances among sentences but remorse over not to have accepted all of them

Realized distance that I did not discover to wisely describe wisdom

So here I am on Friday night in bed with dim lighted lamp

Trying to discuss my wise discourse map

Many a times wisdom does not choose the bright side of events

And once a while I feel infatuated to know every aspect

Sometimes forgetful and fix matters the only choice in successions

Struggle is a rope where efforts are collected when ends are pulled but scatters in moments when efforts undermined

The more I discuss fellowships with across the globe students

Increasingly become aware of fundamentals on discord

More I try to accommodate my views

Furthermore they become obtuse

Once a while there is negligence given to such small things

Brings insufficiency to pursue my study aims

Often I ought to have been the unlearned

Had events not thus wisely transpired

There is nothing in 2006 that is priceless

Life descends in the drunken wantonness of nightclubs

Every skin is stripped of everything

Still appetites of the world remain emptied

I am not embittered to have conducted badly in exams

Or due isolation on this Friday night

I rest in silence and wait my turn to romance

Fear for the pain in my overburdened shoulder begins pressing

I wish to take relief in the beauty of someone met two days before

How should I resile thoughts?

At last my patience has outlast

I stand on crossroads of yearning but felt years ago

Finally awaiting begins to enchant over coffee

Time never ticked as slow it does today

Once I sheltered underneath reason to have repented over past

Now reason fails as her eyes beckon my soul

I cannot scream silence with stomach full in warm bed

I do not say when sentences to utter is no one

Speak withal present and thoughts for future

I only nibble over details with this moving pencil

Blackened all blocks of written A4 pages

Mid semester brings relaxation for two coming weeks

Weekend the residual to refuge from books being read

Here, Now, this moment

Wisdom had long proceeded

Ever since grabbed pencil to ponder over it

Yet again more noise of crowd and relations have broken all accords from me

Pain is profusion in my right arm but it is the seldom heart that bleeds breathlessly

What is belief if you have not believed in anything and if not for sake of belief I’d dare not say about believing this

Sun has blighted the clear blue sky but it does not cut across my concrete walls

At first I was imprisoned in solitude of loneliness now annihilated in the wilderness of this island

I desire love but destiny deceives my finding the beloved

And I have only words to say words with desires to mope about it

How must I seek happiness when it is not stationary?

How must I confide in patience when it beguiles not the swerving away nothingness?

How must I explain when complains exceed my stating their terms?

How must I find union if exclusion is a feeling within myself but beyond imposition?

I say ‘I’ and the eye do not stop seeing perceptiveness in things

I saw love in the eyes and my footsteps followed

I beckon to embrace her but she disappears like mist of morning dream

I am alone among millions around but finds none who feels mutual

Last night I wandered the love street in Toad Hall

But came dawn when realized not to have gone there

How can I tell her pardon for my unwanted destined visit?

How should I reconcile to message her in oddity of this hour?

I wish just to see her and say sorry to have caused embarrassment

For love is a stranger ever since I met her and to astray was then the best way by waving her

It might have been the awkwardness that discomforted or answers those surrounded people occupying us

She had me maybe on my first glimpse of her but I surrendered just as I kissed her lips

Now there is just her smile I long to see one more time

I wish to tell her that pain in arm is relentless but heart even more habitual and happiness her companionship

I remain unaware what hours await our next summit

I wait to hold her hand and behoove her ring with my cuddled finger

Since I have met her breath heavy, pulse fast and night sleepless in entirety

I thought loneliness difficult till felt the resilience of togetherness to be with her

If it is not love then every living being a living lie

If it is not she then wishes none to be with anyone

If it is not her fragrance on beside pillow then every smell selfishness

If it is not her lips then taste none to tongue for anything

If it is not her thoughts then wishes never to think of love

If it is not Miriam then life has begun to be seriously troublesome

And yet again I momentarily stayed seated outside for smoke and entreated my forefront autumn tree

There is certain sullenness ever since prose commenced

I prostrate on bed as if drowsiness does not allow me to sit up straight

My throat dry and thoughts slide with the tip of Faber-Castell

Yester Saturday night my classmates strolled from Toad Hall to King O’Mailey

I felt being the only awakened in the prevalent drunkenness on the wooden floor

Boys, girls, hunks, chicks, men, women all varied liquor and booze available

With gregarious sounds in every adjacent group

All finding relief from embodied stress of bygone busy week

They harangued shoulder to shoulder and shove sides even on bar stand

Some yelling and few uncompelled feelings to whisper emotions

It was as if satisfaction to shout and be heard but without sorrow of being misunderstood

My friends, acquaintances and adversarial opinions they all poured beer and persuaded me some

I felt to walk a little before standing up

There was no freshness and clarity in the intensity of alcohol but only wastes of foam above it

It felt difficult disapproving their endeavor but there is even more discomfort for being alone in the long night if you are drunk afterwards

I felt sudden dizziness in mind and vision blurred

Breathe triggered gently with mild sickness of throwing up

I stepped out O’Mailey for open air

A cold breeze swathe in and there a sigh of relief

Moved more yards and noise attenuated

Glared the difference from there to people in and outside Pub

We live farthest lives in our wisest way or furthest end

What would I discriminate and purpose to what avail

More muddled questions those might need none answers

It will be almost noon and soon must disappoint the first meeting with Syljam a south Colombian

For I must love faith and not love only because both need no bond but exist only for each other

I discovered poetry not when commented upon it but when lost myself to love

She has eyes wie sie ein lagoon und sprache welches ich lieber zu viel

She needs no make up to look beautiful because she has colored thoughts that only radiates beauty

She wishes no food and keeps handful of clothes because wishes within complete

She is like the sparkled early sunrise water drop that blossoms flower when sunshine beams on it

Once again my moving pencil is Faber-Castell

I have spent one more day of luxurious hours thinking of Miriam

Love knows no bound because it is the enlivened heart that beats freely

You may look a lifetime for the beloved but if your means are meant found then love finds you instead

My friends took me to drive and I stayed silent

My friends asked; was ist denn passiert?

I said; there is great happiness in the silence of loved one

My friends asked; who is she?

I replied; name needs no introduction because you do not know what the acquaintance of love is like

My friends persuaded me with diverse questions

I gave answers only with some prose

They asked my doing of today

I said; love is endured every second of the day

They inquired about road constructs and signs

I prose again on every stopping signal

And then came arrival to my abode and they bid me leave and I, goodbye to embrace thoughts of my beloved

Love is like three points of a triangle from where you can construct a house if you are in love on life’s any point

Love has emotions that manifold the more you share them and desolates a couple if left unsaid

I know not the number of moments to have felt them because love is most natural to whole of man

We try to schedule ourselves over coffee for I fear time spent are few sips from 2 cups only

The unquenchable thirst and in inextinguishable fire

You can spend every second of word to express but both just multiply

I have thousands of thoughts to say her but it takes more thoughtfulness to explain having felt them

I am love struck when image of her reel

I lay and the books on bed again

These walls have no ears but I in extreme urge to say my severances of love

It is almost at night and feels laden from today’s golf like a grown man

Old age is like slow moving bicycle wheel, you can tell the time spent on a long journey only by speed of the peddling legs

Memory will tell you knowledge is past remembered but grown age says it may have passed present

Silence is stillness of thought but to seek that moment is becoming peaceful

Love is fairy tale as long as you finish writing its every chapter but always the unfinished book

When inspiration lacks the love beckons you

But when love is quiet you are bothered about the beloved

There is nothing more complex than human mind because from him every difficult thing is made simple and all processes manifest around him

I am no great poet but so is poetry not written in a day

For all efforts start to service some end

I wish that time is eternal when I am with her since time has no reckoning in her company

How can I explain the madness of love when it speaks let alone not the mind?

My heart stays restless for one more glimpse of her

If she knew the miles I ran for years to steal few hours of her time

She will be horrified

If she knew how much starvation was my basic amenity

She will be disconsolate

If she knew the nights spent from noon till dawn withholding hopes

She will rise above every expectation of love

If she knows what pain is to not feel presence among people or without them

She will surrender herself to love without deliberation

If she knew that love begins not when one unites the two

She will be one in love

If she knows what belief is when there is only you to acknowledge it

She will believe what you ought to tell

There is no strength but courage being in love because love makes you say the sweetest sense of everything

If I had no neighbors the disturbance will not knock my door

Wish they don’t keep inquisitions of my prose or else I prefer to live separate

In life of man to gain knowledge is the best labor but to know having learnt is knowledge gained

When I walk the streets of Canberra with book in my hand

I miss reading words

But when I read

Amiss everybody

There has never been happiness this pure because I never attempted to admire life till she came along

It fears me to have gone so far with feelings because there is no space of finding their origin

I must be in love to have forgotten all norms for love takes no acknowledgment

If it was not for love I would still be lost but now there is consolation

When there is no love you continue exist but in existence of a floundered being

If it were not for her there would be nothing to say over everything

If there is anymore that I should say then she the first to hear

Life lurks on, sometimes es ist schlim und manchmal zu beschaftigt zu sagen uber es

I must not message her because presence over else’s mind often takes away attention

And attentiveness will be all my given her but not letting take her share

Love requires no inquiry but mostly to enact saying to show care

Am I not overstressing what may mean discuss in time only?

Am I just saying words for overwhelmed emotions within?

Am I feeling alone or the only one feeling now?

Do words need said if you are the only one thinking?

There is something of age present that didn’t during uncouth youth

I feel tired but determined not retire from expressing feelings

Love is heartfelt but more intense if felt on bedside

Say not I am a pervert because it penalizes only my to have said it

Guilt perishes man as termite wood and when it is completely crumbed there begins digestion

I know there is something infant in me but if it was not to arrogance I would be calm as ocean with no one to witness my views

There is plentiful time in a postgraduate life because he lives in the day, works during noon and steadfast loneliness in sleep

Relationship is like a poem which is written first but named afterwards




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