Archer Letter – 14 Apr 06

Dear Archer,

There is a lot being moulded in life. I would expect no interferences till fate is revealed. My grandfather was one night walking in a pitch dark street and was told by his grandfather to not look back under certain circumstances if you hear something like which was advised to him. The voice said ‘Karim’ and my Baba stopped shaken with fear and recalled what his grandfather had told him. He proceeded one more step forward and heard ‘Karim’ again. He stopped and then again marched forward and the voice was never uttered again but he had written a great deal about his life in einen grossen schwarzen Journal. It was among many such things in which he isolated and exerted his efforts of life time thinking and writing till his all efforts were discarded for rubbish. I was sad the day he passed away but also even on the day after it now when I think over the next day of his death because everyone was immensly relieved from his passing away. For myself, I have always thought about him and things that he use to say over the years but perhaps might have not readily believed untill few days ago but always wanted to understand, however, everyone beside myself tutored me that he is a crazy arrogant old man, anyhow, I heard perhaps a parrot on a nearby tree singing my name for ten minutes or so and I was reading Rumi prosing on Solomon. A shrink would say the friggin poet is hallucinating but my ears are aware what they heard for many consecutive moments. Science would smite my face whereas I totally support their inferences because I admire Aristotle since he pioneered logic but at the same time there is something very irrational in me as well. Also, I have been writing with spontaneity plenty but am aware even more extensively about books from which I have been reading to know more of myself than does my audience at present. Marley is only fictional part but US occupation in Africa, fact. Love will reveal very soon but secrecy is utmost but I will drop a hint. We strolled Glebe Park the other day and kissed nonstop for three hours. Her lips have turned purple. I presented her The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran which is actually my first given book to someone and showed her the only book of my Grandfather’s ‘Psychoanalysis’ published in 1943 since she is a Psychologist. I told her you are from Holland although a German residing there but I had memorized Hamlet by heart a long time ago and so I said it looking at her. I am waiting and have printed best of my poems and handed them over to her but we are seeing each other lets see what happens. Just don’t mess with me since my ship is in a hailstorm and I the only one steering it. Yesterday I asked my house mate what happens on easter? She replied Christ resurrection, I felt bad because then they slay him every year. ‘a’ believes that ‘b’ happened and ‘c’ disbeliefs their continued existence so conviction in ‘c’ of disbelieving ‘a’ and ‘b’ ‘s belief continues and ‘i’ must shutup now. You are only making matters worse for me because I have told her all this and rest which is to come she should her hear. Do not email me or inquire from other resources even if your endeavors become impaitent at care. As for spontaneity, a friend of mine from india was going bonkers with all sorts conceivable things and amid said people think that I am acting abnormal so I told him, wait a second, stop, did you ever hear anyone say that to you, he said; no, so I said, then is it likely that it is you who are feeling it inside rather being told by someone from outside. He said, yes ;). I am thankful to my mom for having supported me to go to Australia because Deutschland is being discovered here.

‘Knowledge never diminished when used or given away-Pythagoras’ but even they confided among their circle only. Today science says you retain 90% of learning by saying it to others. Time and again Greeks!


Take Care



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