My dearest Agha,

Life is entangled amid math of financial stats along with the helter-skelter of classes, tutorials and group discussions. After the wanton 2 to 3 weeks of invariable study styles, substituting alternative methods for each subject, unabated dedication with feelings of least providence, apocalyptic hopes seeking tangible ends, awaiting abysmal responses and of every thing that may persist in a newly arrived international student struggle or perhaps domestic even, we have started group study. By we, I mean, Abbas, Davesh and myself as we speak, are outlasting midnights for problem solving the equations of ‘ financial statistics’ and ‘financial statements and reporting (accounting)’. In the process of group studying we seem to be deducing our doubts and infringements of study that may have existed in the preceded course work, and, perhaps still to a considerable extent but is being gradually overcome. As a result, the group study seems to be more fruitful as far as the resultant goes, because, more is retained by professing to each other and what remains misconstrued is debated without any reluctance to inquire. The equations are thoroughly dissected and questioned because of multiple adversarial opinions to it. Moreover, I am enlivened to try probabilities that are part of financial statistics with instances such as ‘Socrates est Immortel’ along with its contradictory propositions and in the moment of my instancing them our group is overwhelmed and is captivated by estrangement of subject being exercised on different wavelength of implementation, and, that of its probability uncertain. Needless to say, these exhortations may appear skittish of significance to a professional philosophical expertise but I feel that it should not refrain me from having attempted them. Anyhow, I have to run for a workshop on Ecommerce, which brings me to the scarcity of time running now, but I have decided to keep sending you emails without the requirement of having definitely finished them. So if there is just even a line emailed it is not odd but evenly explained in less of its oddity J.

Take care




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