8 Oct 06

My dearest Agha Jan, AOA

I enjoy reading your letters. They are very good in content and helps me maintain the focus on study. You have asked me few questions and I will reply them one by one.

I have three subjects in this semester. Law, Ecommerce and Accounting. So far I have taken quizes, midsemester exams, conducted a presentation and at the moment working on an assignment. The above mentioned categories of study will conclude in the final marks. Law and Ecommerce have been satisfactory but it is accounting that is cumbersome. I have had two quizes in accounting. First I scored 14/20 and in the second 5/20. They both comprise 20% in the finals. The take home assignment is worth 20% of the total percentage. I was not able to finish the assignment. Luckily my class fellow has promised to help me out with it. Had he not done that I would have failed in accounts before the commencement of finals.

You had also earlier mentioned the stallingrad scenario. I think to open wars on every front contributed more to the vulnerability than of Barbarosa itself.

My objective when I came here was to study accounting but when my underlying talents unveiled I came to realize that am not an accountant. I should have taken up a subject that meets my age requirements, interest and with some promising substantial income in the future. It is what I will call streamlining between capabilities, interest and earning.I do not enjoy asking financial help from home.

The options are running out on me here. I have to pass accounting or else it is the highway. I can only switch to another program if I pass every subject and when I do it then I have to reevaluate whether I should pursue accounts or transfer to a one year MBA by transferring credits of accounts, law and ecommerce. These three are offered in MBA as well. The emphasis on the rest of MBA is not on quantitative subjects and instead on Marketing and Human Resource.

The visa is open as long as I keep a passing portfolio. I realize the money invested so far and the hardship taken to generate this financial sum. If I do not pass in this semester then I do not want to take any more chances of investing hefty amount in education. I hope that you have a complete picture even though I may not have been able to answer your every question. Rest is fine Agha Jan. Take care.

Your loving Son



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