29 Sep 06 .. Letter wanted to write

My dearest Agha Jan, AOA

Thank you for such wonderful words. I also have more set of experiences to keep count of and write about Australia than I had my entire life. This I will write on paper one day when I will have time i.e If I have time in life. There are two things that I can do. One, stay quite and keep studying. I have been doing that seriously after my second arrival. I have not touched any other book so that my focus to study is not jeopardized. However in the end I know that I will fail the subject of Financial Accounting and somehow get through with the other two subjects. Two, I should reevaluate my goals and sit down and think whether I am actually a student of Accounting because there are three semesters ahead of me. What I want and what I can do can be two same or different things. However, I was able to get through the same subjects in 2001 because I had a lot of external help from my class fellows in Pakistan and eventually by the end of program I became proficient at it.

I feel insane working on numerical and not being able to comprehend. Please advise what should I do.

Your loving Son



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