25 Mar 06- Meeting of the Minds

My dearest Agha,

Your prognosis does sound very reasonable and I have similar thoughts about how events transpired. I feel lacking the harnessing mechanism and it is not inversely proportional to energy that is exuded. When I proceed steadily over flow is averted but time and speed are compromised, which, like you said will become readily available when time stays steady in grip. Moreover, you are right that I do bear unnecessary confidence, which jeopardizes the outcome from a desired situation. I will resist the temptation to not act as if though I have been recently bailed from zoo. Rest I would probably be repeating what you have said brilliantly already. I will be more tactful with Uni studies next time. Consensus ad idem ‘meeting of the minds’ is what you say when two persons reach an agreement. Latin seems an interesting language by the way.




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