21 May 06 – (Listen)

My dearest Agha Jan,

I am sorry. How should I explain the things that have been happening to me. If I say no one will believe me. I think first and see things and text afterwards. Please help me. I like living here in Australia and is indeed a beautiful country. I feel no heart beat and it is as if it is locked and on the left side of my back there is a wing. You are a muslim and please tell me how should I explain this to any one. People will say he has gone nuts. Ruh, spirits, jinns, signs. How do I reach them before hand? I just wanted to be a simple man who earns a reasonable living and to live a quite life. How did I end up here like this? Few years ago, after June 14th, something held my heart in his hand for one minute and I could not breathe. The voice kept saying will you do this again? Will you do this again? I kept saying am sorry, am sorry. Now on easter and week after that, I have experienced the most unbelievable things in the world. I wish, someone would sit down and listen to me. I am sorry.

Your loving Son



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