18 Feb 06 – Australian $

My dearest Agha,

I was in the uni but it so turned out that library was closed. So I took a ten minute walk to the city centre to email you from an internet cafe. There is plenty to write about and much I have been writing in my daily journal. I tried to sms you but it did not get through so instead decided to mail you about the required money against the future expenditures. 74 US cent is equivalent to 1 AUD. Given that, expenditures will be pertinent on two contents, one, rent and food, two, outstanding tution fee of semester 1. The first content, rent, is 111$AUD weekly or 444$ AUD monthly and till July will comprise 5 months over a span of 20 weeks . The second after rent of first content is food of which cost is the same as Ali’s however consumption method and choice of commodities will vary. So the rent inclusive of food will emanate to about 1000$AUD monthly and 5710$AUD till July. The additional 710AUD$ is allocated for miscellaneous disbursements such as a 100$ calculator, Quilt, 440$ already paid as security for rent out of laptop amount sent earlier, 150$AUD annual Gym fee. The second content, remaining tution fee for this semester is 4600$ of which deadline to pay is March 10th. Retrospectively, after totalled, both contents of expense, results to, 10,310$AUD. Please read the second email in continuation of this discourse because my purchased time of internet is about to finish.


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