15 Apr 06 – To Archer

My dearest Agha,

Cheer up! Archer and I had long outstanding dues to settle but everyone is exclusive of you. I cannot write anymore what pleases people to hear but will rather write with the flair of my pen when moment is right. Today I went to a nearby lake and the weather was chill and beautiful. There is a fountain in it and it showers water very high and when it sprinkles you can see a rainbow therein. I sat under a huge tree with branches descending all the way dipped in the lake and you fit in the arm pit of the tree so comfortably that I cannot even begin to explain. I was reading there. I received a phone call from Ali and he sounded disturbed. There comes a time in a man’s life when he truly starts to believe in himself despite how events unfold before him and there is great satisfaction in it. I had mentioned in my prose that ‘Memory will tell you that knowledge is past remembered but the grown age says, it may have passed present-Myself’ . This is maybe beyond people like Archer to comprehend because you see when I say knowledge may have passed present it would mean that what if knowledge is like a bus and you are the awaited passenger then it is about to come or as we may put it that it will arrive. So something can arrive from past to present, and, present is your bus stop time with expected arrival in the same existing present time with an existing bus somewhere else, moving in between present as moments pass from one present to another time, and, once bus has passed your bus stop, it has exceeded to future but has passed your present but somewhere still existing at the same present time, and, your present is regard time but not departure as in leaving because time has different connotations and you cannot say something has left because then it requires inference that it exists somewhere else also and moreover the element of doubtful revival of some previous present. Also, if you think of the bus and say that it has left, then it is not part of past or present anymore that is the remembered bus because of the word left leaving your present without waiting involved and is no longer treated as the existed past, when this past factor, if it can be remembered, means that it never left but exists somewhere which is why it must have passed some present time and did not in fact leave. After elapse of a considerable time if the bus is recalled you would say that I waited for knowledge bus but it may have passed present of that present time being presented about a particular object, and, you can only do that from memory or if being unable to do it during a required time but it still puts a question mark as to the precision of memory being recalled even if you are able to do so. So there is something in memory, heuristics and are always these spatio-temporal problems generally referred to as space and time. This is why perhaps why a person sometimes is better at following instincts because they involve spontaneity and that is where relations reside which break that causal chain of space and time. I wrote my prose in spontaneous wavelength. This is a bit dogmatic at the moment. Let’s see.

Rest is gut in present, past and what is to leave passed present hopefully. Your idea of career writing sounds good and I’d totally support your view to try an attempt at it. One more thing I have discovered about myself is that If there is only one thing in the world that I despise perhaps more than anything to the extent of weakness is not being able tolerate someone who spies on me. I feel insulted in my intellectual capacities. Rest all that I have written above means only what I say and successfully might have but what my listener would understand will vary in between every listeners hearing capacity also. But what I mean is not what is indicated in reading me but rather what I am trying to tell. They are two different things Archer. So there are always semantic involved. Rest is good. Give me sometime and answers will come. Confidentiality, I do not want my links distorted.

Take care,

Your most loving Son,

Nasir (I would prefer if everyone call me that because this name is my recognition)


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