13 Jun 06 – (serious signs)

My dearest Agha,

The biography of Muhammad PBUH that you had given me to read, please tell Bilal to burn it. This is why Prophet said that there should not be images in reading because it can have grave consequences in a man’s life. When I read that Biography I was very young and did not know the difference between right and wrong. You were right. I should not compare my self to others. Sonia story will be something for her to decide but in the meanwhile it is revolution. This is life. Man has finally awakened and has realized his misdemeanours. I have found my seat in the lowest pit of hell. The so called holy grail. The key has been found. I will try a peaceful way for life and those in the Muslim world have to believe what I have to say and that when I am ready to tell. Islam has been rediscovered. I love you and everyone very much. You had asked me to write about destiny, well, there it is. ” I am trying to find my key with many keys scattered around it and since I have found it so there is no need to refrain and control”. There is no reason to be sad and to feel remorse because actions are more thoughtful. I will pray and ask for forgiveness from ALLAH. So AGHA there it is, the hand of reason. Accounting is not my subject anymore because ASSETS=Liabilities plus Owners Equity. There is no such thing as death. Death is for those who do not believe in the life hereafter and moreover our whole family tree has been brought from the dead to pay for my crime. Do you still not see? Life is tough. I am sorry.

Your loving Son



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