12 March 06 SWELTERING SUNDAY.Letter to Bilal

My most dear Bilal,

I have been meaning to write you much before my departure from Pakistan but ANU is a novel enterprise and in a state of my preliminary endeavors ever since I left home. I find the study perspiring because of not being attuned to helter-skelter of schooling modules. However, with the eventful ebb of undertakings, the niche of my abilities is incrementally becoming apt to comprehend and retain the required info. How true is this, if implied, is likely, ones way of conceptualizing objects and activity. Before I discourse any further in my underhanded literary fashion, please, bear in mind that what I write and express is momentarily. It is not an end in itself or hard facts but only a technique of introspecting things and achieving temporary ends. Hitherto, try not to perceive it “don’t dishevel your hair while reading please pay concentration” as a precipitated fully construed rule but one step closer to ad-infinitum for acquiring knowledge. I recall a recollection from Russell, now, relying on my memory as I write, where, he expounded that if you see two eyes of a person and begin inquiring his perceived constructs, in the end, it is not likely that a common sense should infer that a person does not have two eyes any more, instead, the process makes you understand the various mythical factors that common sense generally capitulates. Albeit, how far this theory is conducive theoretically or to have tested its pragmatic application might likely vary from one situation to to substitute another. This is where science and importance has greatly eliminated canine misnomers of every age. When I said ‘how far’ in the previous sentence, the furthest is what I complemented from actuality of its happening by narrowing it in two words with their outside punctuated by apostrophe before they enter any other space of a sentence, hoping, that you will gather every desired degree and distance of my asserting its imperativeness that is indicated inside but exceeding well outside and beyond the scope of above mentioned sentence, that, I might have exerted by innumerable words otherwise. Just warming up dude 😉

How are your studies? It is my foremost interest about you, is inclusive, for myself, and, I deem that it is something we both share in common. Have you been taking tutorial tests and if yes, any shortcomings or ambivalent scenarios you think that they may have been overlooked or requires your heedfulness? How are Musty, Eiman, Rabia and Haider Bhai? I bet kids must be cranky, noisy and all that is probable and prevalent among chirping children. How is Mommy? Do Batmans need side kicks or their mean or modes sum acceptable as average? What is captivating about Smallville these days? Is the director nagging with his usual impasse or episodes have unveiled any thing mind blowing?I speak to Ali often and he seems to be doing well in the communion of wollongong gals. Yesterday Hasselhoff phoned me from the beach in a very enlivened embodied voice. Rest, you can let your machinations do the aftermath of Ali’s running and life savings on sand aside lighthouse and ocean shores. All that laxity of muscles in action in slow moving animated symmetry of style, let alone, the music preponderating in the background boisterously. Anyhow, much for today’s exponential farce and I must bid you leave. Stay in touch and take loads of care.

Your loving bro



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