11 Apr 06 – On my supercession

I asked someone if you have heard of Reinhold Messner?

Sie mir gesagt, Ja, He has great fame

I said my father knows him ever since he climbed K2 in 1979

I always watch all great things come to an end

But will remember you always from greatness of a General

I tried to look if there is goodness in honesty

Example stood steadily in General dealing with generality of every major life doings

I said what if there was only a little more time?

There has always been time but now is only meant not in this way

But there is no news like today

I said, so is news of tomorrow

And what of possibilities?

There was no need to become beyond responsibility of such a great General

I said life is difficult when dealt not in words

But still always the word saying to have felt them

I have to look everywhere for the best of me

Because it is hard to find further excellence as my father’s

If it is not for the achievement readily climbed

Then finishing one like a successful Major General

Wisdom is light of all truth but it takes no flame from it because wise in itself is the enkindled truth!

Your loving Son



One thought on “11 Apr 06 – On my supercession

  1. Normally its the children who inherit the legacy of their parents but here Nasir has turned away from the traditions. Nasir, a talented and a genius son has left the legacy for his parents to follow and feel proud of.


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