Moment -17 Dec 2005

Dear all,
I tried something different with my bygone moments and tried keeping the monkey brain out of it, for instance, syntactical and non sensical errors such as “quadriplicity drinks procrastination” & c. If I have overlooked any error it is only because you are seeing it in the moment only so please bare with me for a moment here. Just kidding guys!

They stand your ground and sometimes gleam upon us like stars do. They make your count difficult and yet your intervals might still endear them valued. You may dispense as many as you like and then your fondness can find your moment of choice and then displace itself so it could dwell on you once again. It may strike you sensible if sensed most of it and hanker for more when repeated persistently, and then despite of whatever regard in that moment you recall it, will just be an instance of your present state. You can earn them yearly and rearrange them momentary like celestial bodies yearning in millions distantly with affinities of your spatio-temporal certainty. You might assemble them in haste devoid nothing noteworthy below that you appreciate or delay equivocally within a moment of your self favored pace. They may mean only what is in the moment yet reappear sufficiently without your prior disapproval to reinstate them. They weigh more than what is self driven without caution to carry or of any embankment to stop, they are prompt but render themselves impromptu and then can assure you so that your moment complies by relying in manner rare or often that suits you best. It could be an event in your instant of reckoning them, causal or intentional by ordinary of moment or extraordinary of any circumstance, by will or wish with just as you made much of it. It is centered between what you see and how you seek yourself, signifies your position or symbolizing its insignificance, to prefer it periodically or prioritize as you see differently, but both ambiguous or coherently. They realize your essence but are capable of negating your explaining them, induce more just when you refigure by exceeding your propositions to true and false considerably. They promote happiness despite your cursing immense its every quality and qualify your satisfaction so should you choose average or satisfactory, and then, you total them as if in every one and around every thing are your very sum and succeed withal apart that moment forgetting aside all those departed moments. They are small constituents with whatever mystery comprises them and can fixate themselves in dominion of events at large, can be opinionated behind en masse and while ahead of your experiencing them. A moment shines as the better out of you or just as easily deflects you being a stone your way, you may attempt or reflect at it thoughtfully but when moment has reached its depth, it is just your reflection staring steep and straight at you. It took me a while to veer about reaching moment but it is this ‘moment’ since you heard me saying much about it not too long ago. We all have our Moment!


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