5 Sep 05 (Toor’s Letter to Moody)

Dear Moody
I have read your Judgment which has been forwarded to me by your father. This is an excellent effort and a good piece of literature. It stands out even more prominently in view of the fact that it has been created by a young man who is part of a generation to whom we are handing over this country named Pakistan. It is more satisfying to the readers of our age who are are really disgusted with the level of patriotism, mental caliber, non-productive interests in life and creating capabilities of our next generation. We are usually upset when we see a young man who is least concerned about our history and his own future. Such ideas, as those of yours, are really a source of light in our dark vision about Pakistan.
I am very happy to read this and appreciate your ideas. I only wish our power-plot-money- hungry politicians, rigid Mullahs and useless bureaucrats could understand the following:
It implores not the accused but penalizes only guilt
Jails not a victim by just enforcing every dictum
But when judgment empowers not justice, make sufficient proof to force it
It differentiates no class yet person derivative of public notions
Divides no province yet keeps every one convinced
But when conviction is matter in question, authenticate sources for judging them
It emulates no cinematic art nor imitates Paki imbecile Mullahs
Favored no one but caused death to every one
But when life is the country at stake, amend justice so all live to see another day
Take care Youg Man and keep putting in your best.


Tariq Toor


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