28th Aug 05. Moody’ Response to Raza’s Letter of 24 Aug 05

Dearest Agha and Raza,

Thanks for the advice. I will try to keep the text plain and simple. I visited book stores in Islamabad and luckily almost all the books from your list including Said, along with complete essays of Russell are available. The book prices of Said are in reasonable means mostly around one thousand rupees. For example Out of Place is worth just 450 in soft bound and 750 or something as hard copy. Essays of Russell are being sold at around 1400 over and below. The wordsworth collection of Iliad and Odyssey by Homer is for Rs.150 only. There are complete works of Jallaluddin and Kahlil. There is no need to purchase books from Barnes for the time being. I also happen to swing by another book shop which has alot of books on philosophy of enlightenment and renaissance. I tried to look for medieval works by muslim philosophers but was not fortunate enough to find any e.g Averroes, Avicenna, Zahirites, Batinis e.t.c. However, there is a book on names of top 50 eastern thinkers mostly muslim including few chinese also. I will write down the names of these thinkers after having purchased it and then we can look for the books. I found it strange that the west has done so much research on muslim philosophers who looked toward Hellas for learning but there is not even a single english narrative on sale. Sometimes I think that I should learn classical Arabic and do research and interpret works of muslim philosophers in english. Just a thought. I guess a good side to studying philosophy is that it erases every strong verb in the text and focuses on strength of the message being conveyed. Anyhow, among one of the reasons for choosing accounting in Australia is that I will not have to write within lengthy fake business norms of selling goods and services and earn my living via correct means and motives. So my line of work will be such that it will not lay obstacles on ground of written communication because book style is opposite of the format being taught in business. So that problem has been taken care of. Additionally, a great deal of improvement remains to be seen when I have worked with numbers of accounting which is a little like math so accounts and books together makes a very strong combination to properly flex the right muscle and to enlarge it. Moreover, accounts will take care of the residency obligations as well. So there are many positives of taking up accounting. Rest is good. Thanks for being there. Take care.

Your loving Son



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