27 Aug ust 05 Hasan Raza’s Letter

Dear Sir,

Moody is seriously engrossed in the Saidian mode. I believe he enjoyed the books. I however, have an advice for him. He should not use vocabulary which is little difficult for ordinary readers as it deters them for continuining with the reading. The best wrtings until now are those which are plain and simple. Use of theasurus’s is good habit but bad in applying it in plain text. Plain flow of thoughts are the best which appeals to the mind and senses.

In this regard, I suggest he should be suggested something on writing which would really help him.

1) The Elements of Style William Strunk and E.B White

2) Modern English Usage By Fowler in recent years there has been newly edited edition of the book by Burchfield

3) Usage and Abusage by Eric Partridge.

4) The Plain English by Gower

These are all excellent titles and even if Shakespeare would have been alive he would have tested his writings in the light of critique presented on the pitfalls of the writers in these books. By the way Shakespeare was like a convict in the eyes of his contemporaries.

Best regards.Hassan Raza


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