25th July 2005

My dearest Agha,

I wish there be words to describe my happiness for innumerable compliments. It sure helps me forget the quagmire of errors between commas and periods. As you said, if unchartered area can be seen within a measure of perplexity then the claim is already laid and your full ownership is almost there. My whole making of an intellectual frame has an immense proportion of your contribution. It is like as if you have capital and finances to build a Taj Mahal but availability of land is unaware and the moment any vacant area is pointed the building blocks are in process. A little effort can emancipate wonders but then again sometimes it takes even more work sustaining them. The humorous sips are easy recipes when a person is quenched for thirst and birdies during a warm day on Golf course. Lol. I have read many hands of weaponry and ammunition but I can most assuredly say that your writing style is brilliant and has Greek wisdom in it. It is just ironic that among friends in our country we remain in a certain sordidness of being judged upon. This just puts a perpetual full stop to whole exchange of learning. Besides, I also think that books are much about exponents of what people have seen and perceived. So it is just a matter to caricature those pictures in to verbs whether they be yours or others. Any ways, my whole crux of explaining is to continue your venture because the landscape is picturesque perfect.

Bilal and I with our pentagon project are very much on a preliminary stage. I will try to accedeand exploit his talent in every extent. I recall Kahlil Gibran here that complication is the beginning of knowledge and as a matter of fact it was him with words Think not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country before JFK. Anyhow, my hair line is on stake here in leaning so you can do the math and me with Bilal’s score.

I had called Uncle Qazi under Mum’s directive yesterday night. He was lost for words and kept stuttering words with ‘Jee Beta’. The conversation did not even reach the point of streamlining any time frame. He said that he will call tomorrow and let us know.

The Monrovian rains must be beautiful midst Tropicana bamboos. I am never weary of rains and feel more splendor in winters. Haider Bhai was over last night so we were also thinking of watching DVD over the weekend and him staying over. Eman has just woken up with her feet pecking marble floor like a woodpecker on the tree. She is all Chinese with her sullen eyes and draggy pajama under heel.

I have been doing free promotion for Khalid with a Haier bag on my travel here. His inquiry on marital affairs is sweet but becoming minister of foreign affairs is even a bigger venture. Lol.

Our dhobi was puking his guts out with his stomach grounding him crazy. Eventually, he was hospitalized yesterday in Brig. Khalil’s laboratory for dexter checkups and care. He is expected to resuscitate and discharge by today evening to wipe and toss sodas on our stained sheets and clothing once again.

Rest is good




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