25th August 05 (Lists of Books)

My dearest Agha, 25 August 2005

I have extracted few names out of your hybrid book list inclusive of my own but more importantly, gradually, I plan to read entire clusters of Said. They books are:

1. Beginnings, Intention and Method – Said

2. Orientalism – Said

3. Out of Place, a memoir – Said

4. The Analysis of Mind – Russell

5. Human Knowledge – Russell

6. The Essential RUMI – Jallaluddin Rumi

7. Zeno and Tortoise, How to think like a Philosopher – Nicholas Fearn

8. Fragments – Heraclitus

9. Odysseus – Homer

10. Iliad – Homer

11. Hesiod, Theogony, Works and Days, Shield

12. Making of a Poem – Homer

13. The Problem of China – Russell

14. Compendium on Soul – Avicenna

15. Power – Russell

16. An inquiry into meaning and truth – Russell

If you have purview on other books in or out of the list please do so. Whitman appeals to be excellent. I think your choice in books is great!

Your loving Son