12 Sep 2005

My dearest Agha,
We just spoke over the phone a minute ago and regarding books there are few observations I thought should convey them to you. Edward Said is an exceptionally brilliant and I have not read his other works but supposingly they must be worth appreciation. The World, Text and Critic is book of a kind which I will read atleast once a year. Every paragraph needs thinking over and again. I have felt that reading is more productive if you read atleast 4 books simultaneously. It really opens up your perspective and fully widens horizon. I can make combinations like one poetry, history, philosophy or something out of contemporary like perhaps biography or whatever something could be brought up. Moreover, there is time for my university to start which would be around Feb so I would like to avail best of what there is on book shelves in this time frame. I also have ambivalent opinions now to read every book what I mean is that there is alot of gibberish literature in the market even among the subjects that I read. So choice has to be a sort of well invested premium when selection of books is being made. Well I guess you are pretty much in the picture of what I have in mind. Additionally, the untitled green book was written somewhere between 1912 and 1919 before the formation of League of Nations and the writer is enlivened with the whole idea of its commencement and moreover recommends Athens to be its HQ rather Geneva. If my assumption is correct United Nations was formed after world war II to cast the same latter and spirit of League of Nations, Yes? My guess could be wrong but just a wild thought. Anyhow rest is good. Take care.


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