>5th August 2005


My Dearest Agha,                                                  August 5, 2005

Read your letter. Reread it. Reviewed all. Once more. Reading again. Nicely written. A fly notices not the bug of busyness around a person, time likes to fly. I am very touched by your marooned feelings. We are always elevated because of your distinction that has distinguished us and your rank of struggle a refuge of canopy in hours of apathy, backbone of responsibilities, hand of affection and every wish of word. I cannot say much about Babas’ terrestrial island but like to think that any world is eventually a happy reunion for all of us and when you miss him, he must have thought alot about you too. I guess this is Gibran’s eternal love that possesses not nor could be possessed because it is sufficient unto itself. A family string and a blood tie whose reign unite us for eternity. We just become better at our best effort in the memory of those who flourish in ourselves. Joy is instinctive when presence is not the object and in whom relative feeling is every objective. Quite thank you but don’t know where I see myself one day. Your sight truly motivates me and my eye to know more of what I see today. All I know is that time is not a reverse in this universe and it spares no time to anyone. I am glad at home and someday all happiness will relieve me to miss it relentlessly.

Our tall Mohabbat (Bilal-his brother) has all the confidence. I have closely observed him. When someone tries to breach his confidence he refuses to accept and the matter offered to him. Motives are then no longer pertinent. He has power but needs intermittent push. He looks steady but has to speed alot. He has courage but needs initiative. He can endure as gradually experienced. He is aware of the price in time but essence to unveil atlarge. He likes to work but more occasionally. He is very talented but cultivation takes interest. He is a student of science but deviates to study history and social studies. We are becoming good friends and trying to pass our every phase of friendship.

I spoke to Mr. Shahid and he waits for the door size. This was yesterday. He will ventilate fresh vernacular of feedback from Fahim to me today. He has been reminded and I await his remittance.

I am empty hands with university admission documents and wait spontaneously for response to be accepted. I once thought Monash, waited UNSW, looked Melbourne but when the moment was right ended up applying to ANU ‘Australian National University-Canberra’ and UWA ‘University of Western Australia-Perth’. They are both in group of eight. ANU is excellent but canberra does not offer much part time whereas Perth is very good and the city idyllic and beautiful. My romance has started with both of them lets’ see which one likes to flirt more. The clock is ticking!!!

I pitch you care…..

Your loving Son



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