>10th March 05



My dearest Agha Jan, AOA!                  10 March 05

Thank you for reserving marvellous comments on the writings that I had sent you. They are after all contemporary ideas mostly about what I’ve been reading and are transitional in their vague appeal and skittish in essence. Mostly abstract and all poetic. Albeit the verses are perplex in their engineered format and flow but so is any truth. There are no hard and fast rules in life anymore. The reflections veer around and then they swindle away. It will be a long ride cementing excerpts from books and so to say my own experiences as well. The successor I think throws more K´s and Kg´s on views and thoughts of a person. Candid to say, much to learn from lore’s and piles of big difficult innumerable words grafted by every writer in all the books that I have read. One of the fewer things Deutsch and reading has purported is to comprehend by the very sound of stressing words, commas, periods are all for a reason. But they have come at a very lofty price since the other day one side of my body from brain till toe went completely paralyzed and I failed to move myself for some time. Later on little dizziness and knees twisting inwards. A permeating experience but I guess a new beginning to foment verses in deeper zones and gradually will be accustomed to it. Studies are going on well and so worthy of my blame. Tensed about IELTS. Perhaps a belated and over preparation is a more added tension. These episodes will continue. They have always been. I have started on with PLATO and in the next month and half will angulate more on Philosophy. My most favourite happy hobby. Reading Romans doz make one feel enlighten about himself. More growth again. Rest all the usual harum-scarum and scrapes of office work. My condolences for keeping Mr.Rana at bay again but soon an eventual closure is expected since 1 way or 2 I will be going from here soon. Rest, all quite on the western front. Take gr8 care of yourself. Your loving Son. Moody


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