>MOTIVATIONAL LETTER for admission to Australian National University -2006


Dear Sir/Madam,

I once read that “a man is only half in himself, the other half is his _expression”. These expressions are embedded within every person but it takes immense amount of effort in every facet of life to understand, build and drive them. I have always tried to shape my aims and improvise my readiness with pursuits peculiar to my idiosyncrasies. I reckon that now my perpetual struggle has finally met its crossroad where means to an awaited learning ambition have finally become apparent. ANU is truly an epitome of learning excellence which will master my abilities and every talent for accountancy.

It takes quick witted caliber and a critical intellectual stature highly necessary for an accountant. I believe to have both by every bit of number. The preceded decade of my life has been profusely productive from vantage point of job and education. After Bachelors I worked hard for 4 years to accumulate finances for the MBA program in Pakistan. The MBA went surpassingly well and unfolded entire venues of interests due to diversity in its course work. It emancipated my stronger precepts among different subjects after having undergone through all. Accountancy emerged excellent along with Financial Management. My interest, impetus and experience to advert in accounts and finance multiplied as I gradually moved along the ebb and tide of MBA program. It was a novel field then and indeed a colossal challenge but crunching numbers, floating cash flows, striding balance sheets and remunerating ratios kept invigorating my enthusiasm in accounts. Gradually, the GPA score started compounding and my incremental interests became more than avid to enhance my expertise in this field. The passion to become part of a pivotal financial window study had unveiled whereas finances to pursue remained fairly at large until now.

The acumen of my future aspirations after having done a degree from ANU will be to take exams of Chartered Accountancy. I firmly believe that Masters of Accounting from ANU will benefit me with the accountancy plank to mount contours of my study and push my career ambitions further. I had undertaken account of many countries for advancing studies but consider Australian landscapes and sea waves fantabulous. Every digit fits perfect in the balanced sheet.

I have a voracious appetite ecstatically devoted to read books on history, philosophy, poetry, current affairs, magazines and weekends a touchstone in sand and on greens of Golf course. Occasionally, I also muse me with chord of words but my resolution is writing only poetry. My linguistic skills are Russian and Deutsche.

I had a tinge of reservation at first to induce the selection committee by writing my first motivational letter. Some might deem it unorthodox in format but I like to think that a good inspiration is spoken passionately within a residual of right reasoned self. I hope and wish to be accepted with assurance of my hard work to successfully graduate from ANU. I rest my letter. Thank you for the time to review me.


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