It is to remember but speak not silently
To sound yet having thought out loud
It is to admit but not admiring yourself
To thank by thinking of everyone else
It is a way of fondness not uptight
To judge yet injuring not upright
It is the wealth but money not a virtuoso
To spend by savoring its worldliness
It is to habit but affection for no hope
To effect yet so enrich at large
It is honesty without words of mockery
To letter by not fearing to become better
It is the courage but style not barbaric
To fashion as if the fact is your very own
It is a prize but at cost great in effort
To win a cause of too greater cash
It is an endeavor for no inflated favor
To absorb its fiber but eschew the very fat
It is an equation with little room for errors
To calibrate by commiserating its farthest accuracy
It is a fountain and no fixture of palace
To shower every corner inside its Republic
It is a courtroom unknown to conniving colonialism
To jury the justice among its worthy victims
It is a voice of city beckoning not its building
To harp a soul purpose of heart and mind
It is a hatch to believe not in its flight
To birth its conviction by committed motives
It is an admission without any compensation
To commemorate with right reasoned self
It is to shine under the shade of a tree
To light its amnesty and not submitting what is might
It is to grey the color of your hair
To frown by fearing not its grave consequences
It is to rain and moist the dust of your soul
To flood by not shedding tears or let it tear you
It is to service but without any price of product
To proportion your means in true appropriate ends
It is to construct and lift its every pillar
To strengthen its contract like foundation of a pyramid
It is a trophy that challenges your every cheer
To hail its height that glorifies your crowd
It is to dare a breeze during hot summer day
To warm by widening its depth in your deeper self
It is to paint but enslave not its reality
To pride a portrait with a loom in width of its view
It is to drive its corner like skills of Schumacher
To mac every mile by not letting it overlap
It is to plant a seed in your own generation
To generate its fruit founding you as a forefather
It is a window favoring not an opportunity
To opportune a view that veers vague
It is to write and impart no rare words
To sentence yourself and become part of much greater text
It is to endear its satisfaction and not let it stop
To pass that urge among undesiring audience
It is a true pleasure to see for yourself
To cherish Truth by knowing within ourselves


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