The wary mercy and wafting diplomacy of bittered Bush
The dodgy hunt and bounty lingo of a trifled Blair
Unprecedented earnings of Sir Jewish and Amish
Suffering children in shrines and houses of Herat
Dividends on skulls and stunted bones in towns of Iraq
Rocketed and stoic tyrannies of Sadam
Atoms of Stein and decimated huts of Hiroshima
Bills of internet and erratic literatures of felony
Prophetic calls for Kiyoto and clones of Alchemy
Pragmatic commercials and sex centres of Uncle Sam
Graphic and phoebic images on stripped rates
Bombarding arsenals of logic with looks slick and settled
Your ramshackle Mushirs and Sharifs are Shetans
Your wits in that bin of brains have worn out
Your idolaters of lordship and lands are rotting down
You are thieves of theocracy and murderers of Musilmans
You are Resident in a continent of treachery
You are cowards in countenance of Crusade
You are Jury of befriended pillage and robbery
You are marvel of mocking poor masses in an empire
Wanted! Our perpetrators of Pakistan



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