The little Nib

The little Nib of nervousness and bites of famine
Dervish vividly unter mein shelter with tons of ash
The halo above in a hazy wisp and plumes of smoke
Feelings! oh my fearless or some feary friend
for solace and ivy in the serene and skillful
A mooted vision of mirage by a yonder vivid river
The melting of acerbic ice on Alim
but the endless naivety and insouciance of Nasir
entangled in callow views and knack of nuisance
Is there no cold and qualm in a state of Poets?
lacklustre in epics of lawlessness and economics
Rivalries of French and fanatics of human rights
Sensors of technos and intellectuals of science
Dexters of cartoon and nukes of demolition
Sultans of salvation and dominions of Democrats
There is darkness in the wonders and vineyards of typhoons
Drops of rain to soak the dust and times of Lahore
A wave of radiance hoving by the door of Heaven
To Quaid a Unit of Faith and Disciples of Quran
To guide the infants and a communion of Kudos
Lament and love to every generic of lineage
beckoning a ray of knowledge by a beam of light
the cluster of stars from a coloured or some cosmic hour
A coming of age for all pieces of Pakistan.

Nasir Mahmood
( unter mein – deutsch word ´under my´ )


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