The Big 30

The Big 30 a tiring test and thunderous attic tale
Flounders a life of slavery, selfishness and solitude
Gusto the bygone bewilderment and venal beauty
Stifled under canny prints with hint of stones
A man in his miniscule image and merriment
Turns yellow with ease and comfort on the turn of age
Concedes kindly with swift reasons of scars and sycophancy
Now this endless dirt of mirth and mire
Still misses itself in a minor sacrosanct and secrecy
Comic and cute cults of a chilling childhood
Sinks suddenly with a wink nor any inkling
No zinc and sign in seine zealously
R such sizzling and voracious sins of simple words
Weak, weary, forgetful and so very wise
Welcome my worthy wit and frosty side.

Nasir Mahmood

( sein – deutsch word pronounced as zign ´to be/his´ )


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