8 September 2005

It is tendency of translucent capacity beyond any moods of mind
of emotional outbursts from overwhelming rift
outlives age but reduces rage
IF you seek temper of that best a level in output
ask a poet of his impulse to picturesque

It is imaginative but of loss in memory
expands intellect yet heightens verge to hike
wait by virtue of wit and weighs negating tactic
IF you wish to measure tempo of that microcosmic thought
study a philosopher and sight his fondness to think

It is colorful on canvass to curb its fragmented contour
graft its art by skill of shooting darts
reinvigorates vision by endless lake of provision
IF you ever care to visualize admiration of that an ability
glare beauty of painter to shape trivialities of life on fingertips

It is waterfall of restlessness but silent as ocean wave
instrumental woes drifting on helm of tornadoes
meditates by love of some prophet or fairy tale
IF your search is such a Pythagorean symphony
hear a musician and resonance of his heart beat

It is will of undulated sustenance without dare to tension
elegant of mark covering length at moderate speed
self content but to place himself beyond all extent
IF you wish to find that stamina of temper to perspire
count a marathoner’s footsteps and his nerves to exert

It is struggle to control yet let go at the same time
circle your contents but exceed beyond range of outcomes
expound your details yet keep messages discrete
IF you are keen of that discursive turpitude to highlight
recite a writer’s reflective indexes and his metabolism to read

It is affection to love but by unconditional returns
vestibule of relentless happiness and hopes to succeed
memoirs in album with cult of eventful occasions
IF your future is to behold that fame of temperament
unfold every parent’s prayer and their daily hardships of parenthood


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