I lay me quietly in luxuriant daylight rising in east
Somewhere Sun faces sunflowers and golden fields of wheat
A raven smothers his wings and soft feathers in the air above me
Toll bells of squandered birds and chimes of crow on a nearby tree
My silence is a gray word and charcoal in pencil of meaningless thoughts nor discourse
My liberty transmutes speech and unleashes mute obsessions to sing
My view is no entertainment but across window only part painted wall and lawn mower
And I travel humongous seconds in milieu by flicking few pages of people in books
And all that I have listened without silent attention
And talked nigh with on foretelling
And watched life and it lurked on, once a while quietly speaks over it
My groove is thirst for water from a bottle that sips me silently
Motorbikes and cars vibrate my room floor from a road affront
Reminds me to moan slightly beyond myself
The clock swiftly tinkers and distracts my hunger inside an hour around afternoon
Denials to accept and let defy not my sentences
Nor to attenuate the pitch of harmony with a voice underneath
To stagnantly observe by understanding
To see substance bequeath me
To posit finger with a hinge of help
When neighbors are no more
When old age and day long struggle
When skin is numb and cold
When parental love a constellation
When innovation takes invention over time
When life is an island and I the only resident
When rich refuses to watch over
I will stand still to speak to you like today
Speak Philia in Silence of that day
Philia ‘ Greek word – friendship’
2 September 2005


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