I am a man of spatial heights, inspirational self and emotional depth
I am a book of important deed, implementation itself on intricate wave length
History is more than half a man and inherited every thing from him
Man is Muhammad, science of Socrates, plutonic in Plato and intellect Aristotle
Man is meditation and architect of immaculate
Man is strong and sadness his strength
Man is leader of every immortal living creature
Man is atom in philosophy of microscope
Man is mountain and hike Reinhold Messner
Man is math behind myth of space craft
Man is mc² in mind of Einstein
Man is mean, mistakes his mode and love median
Man is Azam from a country of Quaid
Man is Adam and affinity all Allama
Man is moon and making Neal Armstrong
Man is Superman in mind of Smallville
Man is Moody sending you an email

August 16, 2005


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