It is continuum strife from birth till body demise, A pact of soul to body cells from purity till decay
It is a heart drum beating by stroke and sigh, Threads of intellect of violet thoughts and volcanoes
It is test of will and temper in tranquility and anger, Distill maze of discovering crystallized views
It is motherhood kept for months in care to infancy, Effort of teeny crumbling steps shaking legs and gravity on four sides
It is careful at calculus for sweeping stakes and score in entire syllabus, Adolescence friendship of bonded bicycles in alleys
It is revolution and change in his inside nature, Always natural to everlasting phenomenon around him
It is a jealous loathe blinking under stove by intermittent sparks, A squeak of nightingale and daffodil wishes in love
It is consequential of actions and impulsive by attitude in his strayed self, Seed of knowledge with branches to blossom endlessly
It is an incisive foresight of understanding his world and space around comets, In search for truth to investigate the inquisition of his vicissitudes
It is creation for and within the image of his creator, Excuses to misdeed but a will to live not his own
It is the worship of every stone, mosque, church for charity, By equal giving bestowed by a creator same
It is freedom of speech yet accounted for every poor deed, Young with image of world old and meanings unclear
It is an inevitable sensation of instinct and contradiction in reason, Of right and incorrect with end same yet means many
It is dissecting the globe unleashing pain when least expected, Fomenting a new spirit and motive on every milestone and substance beneath it
It is the moon gravitating courage over ocean shores and sun emitting rays in colors through prism, A love episode swimming under raging waves on plank of a huge hard ship
It is appreciation to create for every living creature, Distant marshes in cauldron of mist pouring pearl drops on flowers and leaflets
It has many million moments among men with memory magnets to reinvent friendliness, Mother care for innocence and fatherly wisdom manual to youth and only a remnant in old age
It is cherishing every moment in tears and to challenge a smile in conscience of his creator, To think clearly by knowing every thing created and show kindness with clarity by forgiveness to others
It is a flame in torch of life time ticking in seconds of eternal time, Relative of thought in physics but beyond shadows of hubble or telescopes
It is knowing the nebulae of coloured diamonds twinkling in pitch dark depths of space, Stretching beyond hope for another millennium in the everlasting moving galaxy
Ye, it is thus affection for everything on earth and struggle to a far off orbit, Now an hour pass midnight for pen and poetry
It is to dream for few moments in a never ending journey, A leap of awakening to write every time


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