>MOTIVATIONAL LETTER for admission to Australian National University -2006


Dear Sir/Madam,

I once read that “a man is only half in himself, the other half is his _expression”. These expressions are embedded within every person but it takes immense amount of effort in every facet of life to understand, build and drive them. I have always tried to shape my aims and improvise my readiness with pursuits peculiar to my idiosyncrasies. I reckon that now my perpetual struggle has finally met its crossroad where means to an awaited learning ambition have finally become apparent. ANU is truly an epitome of learning excellence which will master my abilities and every talent for accountancy.

It takes quick witted caliber and a critical intellectual stature highly necessary for an accountant. I believe to have both by every bit of number. The preceded decade of my life has been profusely productive from vantage point of job and education. After Bachelors I worked hard for 4 years to accumulate finances for the MBA program in Pakistan. The MBA went surpassingly well and unfolded entire venues of interests due to diversity in its course work. It emancipated my stronger precepts among different subjects after having undergone through all. Accountancy emerged excellent along with Financial Management. My interest, impetus and experience to advert in accounts and finance multiplied as I gradually moved along the ebb and tide of MBA program. It was a novel field then and indeed a colossal challenge but crunching numbers, floating cash flows, striding balance sheets and remunerating ratios kept invigorating my enthusiasm in accounts. Gradually, the GPA score started compounding and my incremental interests became more than avid to enhance my expertise in this field. The passion to become part of a pivotal financial window study had unveiled whereas finances to pursue remained fairly at large until now.

The acumen of my future aspirations after having done a degree from ANU will be to take exams of Chartered Accountancy. I firmly believe that Masters of Accounting from ANU will benefit me with the accountancy plank to mount contours of my study and push my career ambitions further. I had undertaken account of many countries for advancing studies but consider Australian landscapes and sea waves fantabulous. Every digit fits perfect in the balanced sheet.

I have a voracious appetite ecstatically devoted to read books on history, philosophy, poetry, current affairs, magazines and weekends a touchstone in sand and on greens of Golf course. Occasionally, I also muse me with chord of words but my resolution is writing only poetry. My linguistic skills are Russian and Deutsche.

I had a tinge of reservation at first to induce the selection committee by writing my first motivational letter. Some might deem it unorthodox in format but I like to think that a good inspiration is spoken passionately within a residual of right reasoned self. I hope and wish to be accepted with assurance of my hard work to successfully graduate from ANU. I rest my letter. Thank you for the time to review me.




Ich schriebe und denke mit eines Wort
Das Wort kommt von buchstabe fünf
Bedeutung und verstehen noch etwas ein
Gibt es vielen für alles
Das Gedicht mit den größen dank
Immer schön das Leben eins

I write and think with word one
The word comes from letters five
meaning and understanding still somewhat one
giving a whole lot more for everyone
A poem with the biggest Thank
always beautifully in life once

bis bald / till later




It is myth that unfolds width figuratively
composition of angles poised as geometry
And if comprehension is the quest in struggle
mechanics take many years of feel to overcome

It is to attune yourself by addressing four basics
gain control by repetitive strength and technique
And if apparels and clubs suit your style
flags will not have balls on green sides

It is assimilating every finger for grip soft and fix
stand tall yet feet square from shoulder to hips
And when stance has set you aim straight
ball is bound to knock that flagstick

It is takeaway by strength of left arm and wrist straight
maintaining circle steady on swing plane
And when sight finds the shoulder behind ball and eye
weight must start slide towards left side

It is journey back but on swing plane same
pull triceps for lag in given time frame
And when moment of truth meets your swing state
whip that club past impact place

It is strength of arms subtle yet empowers big in hips
rotates rapidly but with lower body quietly
And when club head speed is every divots prerogative
distance and accuracy are every swing’s package

It is temperament of Els yet challenge like Tiger
swinging irons like Golden Bear
And when concentration is result on score card
plan birdies but save every par

It is containing force inside triangles and torso
obliging to self integrity and game rules
And when discipline is your very own mentor
nerves will roll putts by feel straighter

It is searching peace for fairways and overcoming rough
seek focus in presence of target and turf
And when emotional intelligence arrives at impact zone
establish contact as if you were a born PGA Pro

16 Nov 2005




It is to remember but speak not silently
To sound yet having thought out loud
It is to admit but not admiring yourself
To thank by thinking of everyone else
It is a way of fondness not uptight
To judge yet injuring not upright
It is the wealth but money not a virtuoso
To spend by savoring its worldliness
It is to habit but affection for no hope
To effect yet so enrich at large
It is honesty without words of mockery
To letter by not fearing to become better
It is the courage but style not barbaric
To fashion as if the fact is your very own
It is a prize but at cost great in effort
To win a cause of too greater cash
It is an endeavor for no inflated favor
To absorb its fiber but eschew the very fat
It is an equation with little room for errors
To calibrate by commiserating its farthest accuracy
It is a fountain and no fixture of palace
To shower every corner inside its Republic
It is a courtroom unknown to conniving colonialism
To jury the justice among its worthy victims
It is a voice of city beckoning not its building
To harp a soul purpose of heart and mind
It is a hatch to believe not in its flight
To birth its conviction by committed motives
It is an admission without any compensation
To commemorate with right reasoned self
It is to shine under the shade of a tree
To light its amnesty and not submitting what is might
It is to grey the color of your hair
To frown by fearing not its grave consequences
It is to rain and moist the dust of your soul
To flood by not shedding tears or let it tear you
It is to service but without any price of product
To proportion your means in true appropriate ends
It is to construct and lift its every pillar
To strengthen its contract like foundation of a pyramid
It is a trophy that challenges your every cheer
To hail its height that glorifies your crowd
It is to dare a breeze during hot summer day
To warm by widening its depth in your deeper self
It is to paint but enslave not its reality
To pride a portrait with a loom in width of its view
It is to drive its corner like skills of Schumacher
To mac every mile by not letting it overlap
It is to plant a seed in your own generation
To generate its fruit founding you as a forefather
It is a window favoring not an opportunity
To opportune a view that veers vague
It is to write and impart no rare words
To sentence yourself and become part of much greater text
It is to endear its satisfaction and not let it stop
To pass that urge among undesiring audience
It is a true pleasure to see for yourself
To cherish Truth by knowing within ourselves



My dearest Agha,

In the last six months or so I had attempted to write about TIME and was not able to after having tried 3 or 4 times. Could not even barely write a single line but today I flew on the wings of Time.

I dedicate this poem on your behest in the loving memory of my Grandfather!

Fly notices not the bug of busyness around a person, Time likes to fly
Thought reasons no action to be thoughtful, Time is stillness of thought
Conscious likes to portray the picture of existence, Time has no conscience
Sense thinks in sensitivity to sentiment itself, Time is farsightedness
Destiny struggles no destitute to succeed itself, Time is destined
Sleep does not drive the drift of daylight, Time is asleep
Power forces no appreciation to empower itself, Time is forcefulness of power
Freedom employs only slavery beyond fight for its liberty, Time is literati
Love recognizes no object or hour but to desire itself, Time loves acknowledgement
Tests resolute not in tearing apart all weaknesses, Time wins every time
Appetite boasts itself to taste and eat, Time is bitter
Happiness gives no promise or pleases happily, Time is plenty
Storms roar to thunder unlimited current of clouds under sky, Time is the limit
Money savors no hope for eternity, Time is thrifty
Seasons are same on this everlasting earth, Times have changed
Friendship makes hatred mellow and befriends its enemy, Time is merciless
Science discovers more orbits around Einstein, Time is divinity
Seconds cannot measure the multiples of feeling in every man’s moment, Time clock hours
Life predicts no certitude to begin nor is end, Time a predicament
Time has no mirror to reflect the vision of its eye, Time is revelation
Time reckons no preference to anyone, Time offers essence
Time is a hard interpretation in the text of metaphysics, Time is meaningful
Creativity has no bound or to reinvent itself, Time takes contemplation
Age has no wisdom but prudence for future, Time is wishful
Men work decades to sustain their remainder days, Time remits nobody
Running swallows life’s burning sorrow, Time is running out
Memory is evidence of the existed man, From Time immemorial, Time!




The wary mercy and wafting diplomacy of bittered Bush
The dodgy hunt and bounty lingo of a trifled Blair
Unprecedented earnings of Sir Jewish and Amish
Suffering children in shrines and houses of Herat
Dividends on skulls and stunted bones in towns of Iraq
Rocketed and stoic tyrannies of Sadam
Atoms of Stein and decimated huts of Hiroshima
Bills of internet and erratic literatures of felony
Prophetic calls for Kiyoto and clones of Alchemy
Pragmatic commercials and sex centres of Uncle Sam
Graphic and phoebic images on stripped rates
Bombarding arsenals of logic with looks slick and settled
Your ramshackle Mushirs and Sharifs are Shetans
Your wits in that bin of brains have worn out
Your idolaters of lordship and lands are rotting down
You are thieves of theocracy and murderers of Musilmans
You are Resident in a continent of treachery
You are cowards in countenance of Crusade
You are Jury of befriended pillage and robbery
You are marvel of mocking poor masses in an empire
Wanted! Our perpetrators of Pakistan




The little Nib

The little Nib of nervousness and bites of famine
Dervish vividly unter mein shelter with tons of ash
The halo above in a hazy wisp and plumes of smoke
Feelings! oh my fearless or some feary friend
for solace and ivy in the serene and skillful
A mooted vision of mirage by a yonder vivid river
The melting of acerbic ice on Alim
but the endless naivety and insouciance of Nasir
entangled in callow views and knack of nuisance
Is there no cold and qualm in a state of Poets?
lacklustre in epics of lawlessness and economics
Rivalries of French and fanatics of human rights
Sensors of technos and intellectuals of science
Dexters of cartoon and nukes of demolition
Sultans of salvation and dominions of Democrats
There is darkness in the wonders and vineyards of typhoons
Drops of rain to soak the dust and times of Lahore
A wave of radiance hoving by the door of Heaven
To Quaid a Unit of Faith and Disciples of Quran
To guide the infants and a communion of Kudos
Lament and love to every generic of lineage
beckoning a ray of knowledge by a beam of light
the cluster of stars from a coloured or some cosmic hour
A coming of age for all pieces of Pakistan.

Nasir Mahmood
( unter mein – deutsch word ´under my´ )