>JUDGEMENT- In memory of Mohammad Ali Jinnah


In memory of Mohammad Ali Jinnah:


It displeases good nor satisfies bad
careful of criminal neither pious to persuasion
but when justice is a bench, evidence must be judged in every move

It besets men and befitting nor manner of animals
investigates motive in poverty of both rich and authority
but when to serve is a very subject, let justice be the immediate service

It recognizes no thought or receptiveness a vision
captivates wrong by right ends to anticipate
but when examination is verdict in session, let judge be the only mandate of jury

It implores not the accused but penalizes only guilt
Jails not a victim by just enforcing every dictum
But when judgment empowers not justice, make sufficient proof to force it

It fails no truth nor is frequency incorrect
delegates no law by murmuring to rule
But when dire is act to take essence of time, let decisiveness a quick ability to act

It custodies no courtroom or to sweep its compound
cannon not to shit on spirit of nation
but when foolishness is supervision, sentence the judgers for voicing justice

It borrows no fear from religion neither lending novice to any moral
Takes no interest or bears any income
But when nous, phren and thumos is all corruption, eliminate it for deliberative outcomes

It differentiates no class yet person derivative of public notions
Divides no province yet keeps every one convinced
But when conviction is matter in question, authenticate sources for judging them

It emulates no cinematic art nor imitates Paki imbecile Mullahs
Favored no one but caused death to every one
But when life is the country at stake, amend justice so all live to see another day

It is no junior and seniority the law maker
polemic not just for politics by maneuvering its every gambit
But when filibuster is average politician’s rhetoric, judge future as nation for grandchildren

It is no jejune nor summum bonum
Nor Unit to judge neither jury of Faith or Disciple a law
But when justice has deceased just as Jinnah, law of judgment recites revolution


Greek Words:
nous – intellect
phren – reason
thumos – passion


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